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Folegandros boy kicks to death blind cat. Father “OK, he is a kid!”

Two elementary school boys on the island of Folegandros chased a blind cat, threw it in a hotel swimming pool and kicked her to death. The hotel owner had security cameras that captured the whole brutal abuse. When asked about his son’s deed, the father of the boy that killed the cat found a horrifying excuse: “OK, he is a kid!”

Following a lawsuit, prosecuted are not only the boys but also their parents for neglecting a minor. The administrative fine of 30,000 euros has been imposed.

The brutal abuse took place last Tuesday in a hotel on the island of Folegandros, Cyclades.

The two boys chase the cat, throw stones at her and have it fallen in the empty hotel swimming pool. One of the boys keeps kicking the animal in the head until it is dead.

The other boy is filming the abuse with his mobile.

When they finish, they walk away as if nothing had happened.

According to animal welfare website, the hotel owner heard the screams of the tortured cat. She saw the boys and asked them what happened. They told her that a stray cat had fallen into the empty pool next door.

So after, the hotel owner found the dead cat – a blind cat the owner was feeding and taking care of.

She immediately sought the material from the security cameras.

The owner told zoosos, that when she informed the boy’s father about the abuse, he replied “Ok, he is a kid!”

It is the website that filed against the perpetrators and handed the security cameras footage to the Prosecution of Naxos who reacted immediately and without delay.

The prosecutor ordered an urgent investigation, prepared a case-file and confirmed the administrative fine of 30,000 euros against the boy’s parents.

According to information obtained by the website, it is not the first time the “boys” abuse an animal. they had cut the leg of a cat in the past. “nobody punished them or explained to them what they did and how much the animal suffered,’ notes the website.

The case has triggered an outrage across the country.

PS Elementary school boys? Correct is: “Monsters below 12 years old, children of parents without ethics and morals.”

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  1. Give both the boys 100 strikes with bamboo rods like they do in Indonesia. Make them dig and maintain a grave for the cat.

  2. This brutal behaviour from kids is
    Extremely disturbing. Their parents should be not only ashamed but also very worried.

  3. Disgusting, evil and beyond cruel. Serial killers in the making. One can only hope karma pays a visit. I wish nothing but badness on those evil soulless beasts. That poor innocent creature, how terrified it must have been.

  4. c’est une excuse que j’ai souvent entendue en grèce, heureusement pour des actes moins monstrueux et barbares, “oh, ce n’est qu’un enfant !” comme si l’enfance n’était pas justement le moment où on apprend les règles de vie en société. à part ça, un “enfant” qui coupe les pattes d’un chat, et en massacre un autre à coups de pied, je l’emmènerais très très vite chez un psychiatre !

  5. They need to be thrown in that empty pool many times, till they move no more. Vile evil scum.

  6. Annette Luffman-Johnson

    This is the making of serial killers. They think this is funny, so they should go to jail. I’m glad the parents were punished, but the boys should have been severely punished, too. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what that poor, blind baby was going through. God bless you little one. You can see now and are no longer suffering in this cruel world.

  7. Absolutely EVIL & DISGUSTING.!!
    I’m totally disgusted even more in the father’s
    LAME excuse for what they did to that poor
    cat ..! 😞😞😥How terrified she’d have been😥😥
    What the hell is wrong with people / youth & it makes U wonder what form of discipline (if any) goes on at the
    home .?! They need a good ass whooping .!! Glad they were charged.! Brats .! Ftooo sas kolóletha 😡🤬

  8. hope they rot quickly in hell

  9. Reform school for these little monsters. And plenty of therapy to make up for their ignorant parents neglected to teach them. Parents should go to jail too for being so cavalier!

  10. it’s a well know fact kids who torture animals will more than likely turn out to be murderers, if I was Dad I’d nip it in the bud now, who knows Dad could be on the receiving end one day