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Minister for Public Order: I will watch the Joker with my 15-year-old son

Minister for Public Order, Michalis Chrisohoidis, announced that he will go to the moves with his 15-year-old son and watch the Joker. The film is restricted for children under 18. The Minister posted his decision that defies the law on Twitter on Monday morning, hours after the outcry over the police raid in two movie theaters in Athens because minors were present.

Chrysochoidis’ Tweet was met with ambiguous reactions on Greek internet. Some saw in the Tweet an “epic trolling”, other asked him whether he is above the law.

In a statement issued later, Chrisochoidis justified the police reaction after it received a calls by two employees at the Culture Ministry who denounced the presence of minors in two movie theaters in Athens on Sunday.

Police raided the cinemas, removed the juveniles and informed their parents to pick up their children. According to unconfirmed reports, the teenagers remained for several hours at the police station.

The raids triggered a public outcry

The Minister described the two incidents as touching “the limits of futility.”

“Police is unfortunately charged with quite a few extras outside of its substantive mission. On the other hand, it is self-evident that it has an obligation to respond to complaints, many of which may subsequently prove to be of minor importance, in some cases even to the limits of hilarity. As it happened yesterday with the incidents in the two cinemas, Chrysochoidis said on a second Tweet.

PS In compliance with Chrisochoidis’ decision, all Greeks can defy laws a la carte and smokers can also keep smoking in forbidden places…

I want to see Chysochoidis with his son tonight in the movies accompanied by fully equipped police forces and what in the world.

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