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Police arrests one of the hooligans who attacked Bayern fans

Greek Police has arrested one man as one of the hooligans who attacked fans of Bayern Munich, injuring four of them on Tuesday evening.

The 31-year-old man reportedly belongs to the organized fans of Olympiacos.

According to Alpha TV, the man was among the group of some 60 hooligans who staged the attack. The majority of them was wearing hoods, but not he.

Policemen of the Department for Sports Violence who were present at the attack have recognized him as one of the organized fans of the Piraeus Football Club.

After searching the home of the 31-year-old in a south suburb of Athens, police announced that it has found:

1 pistol and 1 magazine

50 cartridges

2 full-face masks (fabric and plastic)

10 hand flares

2 bars (metal and wooden)

3 foldable metal pocket-knives

4 cylindrical fireworks packs

3 fireworks packs

59 crackers

3 usb and 2 memory cards

2 mobile phones and two sim cards

At the same time, the police also conducted searches in three fan associations where gas-masks  and full-face masks, sticks,, knives, metal pipes and flares were found and seized.

Police investigation continues with the aim to identify and arrest the other hooligans involved in the attacks on Tuesday.

The attack on Tuesday has shocked the Greek football, embarrassed the country abroad and caused concern to the Greek authorities.

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