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Mitsotakis: “Prespes Agreement was negative for Greece, but I won’t…”

“I still believe that the Prespes Agreement was a negative agreement for Greece, but I will not expose the country to adventures,” Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said during an event in Thessaloniki.

“Without risking the slightest destabilization we will closely monitor our neighbors’ obligations, our neighbors’ compliance with their obligations. And we obviously resolve issues with the first one being the protection of Macedonian products. This is what the realistic, the true patriotism dictates today, ” he added.

He said that he supported the European perspective of Northern Macedonia and Albania, stressing that “Greece is in favor of the European path of the Western Balkans not only because it transforms the perspective into a factor of stability in the region, but also because it is a democratic toll of pressure for the necessary modernization of our neighbors and the resolving of our bilateral issues.”

Analysts see the Prespes Agreement at risk after the European Union blocked accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania following a French veto last week.

Regarding Albania, he raised the issue of respect for the Greek minority and its rights, noting that this is a precondition for opening Albania’s European path.

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