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“Makedonia”: Mitsotakis finds solution for Macedonian products (POLL)

Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, top priority is among others to protect the brand name of Macedonian products. At stake is to make it easy for international consumers to understand which products come from Greek Macedonia and which ones from the North Macedonia. In order to differentiate the products sold on international markets, the PM came up with a genius idea: Products from Greek Macedonia will have the name with <k> “Makedonia.”

He made the proposal during a meeting with representatives of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE) and local producers in the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace in Thessaloniki on Wednesday.

SEVE proposed that the brand name will be “μacedonia – The Divine Great Land,” newspaper to vima reports.

The Association justified its proposal saying:  the word “divine” is internationally known and  refers to the gods of Olympus and the Greek mythology, while the word “great” refers directly to Alexander the Great. Τhe lowercase letter “μ” refers Greece as it is used worldwide as a mathematical symbol.

But the Prime Minister had a better solution for the name of Macedonia.

“The Prime Minister trusted Google,” notes tovima.

“The two proposals submitted to Kyriakos Mitsotakis were related to the words “Macedonia” and “Makedonia”.

The exporters were looking for a solution that would help consumers immediately understand which products belong to Greece and which ones to Northern Macedonia.

The Prime Minister gave this solution through Google Search.

The Prime Minister is a smart and practical man. He searched Google for Macedonia and saw that the results were for Northern Macedonia while in the search for Makedonia, the results were for Greece, ” SEVE President, George Constantopoulos, told [Russian news agency] Sputnik.

So, according to information, it seems that the brand name to be registered will be “Makedonia,” the PM decided.

In addition, it is more likely that the word ‘divine’ will be replaced with ‘Greek’ and thus the phrase will become ‘The Greek Great Land’.

Constantopoulos added that the Foreign Ministry’s responsible committee will work out the proposal and will create the final brand name design that will be submitted for registration.”

Makedonia“: A great idea or a divine flop? Alfop if one considers that he gives away the ell-known brand name “Macedonia” to North Macedonia and keeps the greekglish imitation “Makedonia.”

Hundreds Greek internet users reacted with a good portion of irony.

Some proposed compromise solutions.

“You try ‘Makedonia’ in Google Search and it automatically corrects it into ‘Macedonia.”

On diplomatic level, some extended the replacement of with also to other thorny issues of the Greek diplomacy.

“I propose Turks call their part Cyrpus and we our part Kypros. Dimplomacy in 21st century.”

“Mitsotakis found a name solution”

Some thanked God that it was not PM Mitsotakis who had to negotiate with Zoran Zaef on the Macedonia name issue and the Prespes Agreement.

“For years Kotzias and Tsipras were struggling to persuade the neighbors to change their name and Constitution and now the idtio of Harvand discovers the Google, gives away the international known brandname Macedonia and keeps the immitation Makedonia.”

” We speak of Mitsotakis as the grand maitre of diplomacy.”

The architect of the Prespes Agreement, former Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, indicated that the whole issue is unnecessary as the Agreement clearly and binding states that the name “North Macedonia” must be used for the country’s products.

“Complete confusion: yesterday they identified Article 10a that refers to the rule of use of Northern Macedonia upon the agreement signature with the special regulation 10b, now they confused the name on the made of the products that is binding to be Northern Macedonia, for the negotiation of the trademarks.”

Worth noting that “Macedonia” bring 580 million results in Google search, while “Makedonia” just 12 million. I suppose, this escaped Cyriacos Mitsotacis’ attention.

A POLL on the issue is inevitable!

What brand name should the Greek Macedonian products have?

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PS Cyriacos Mitsotacis?  I rest my case

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