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Greek banks withdraw part of the extra charges for customer services

One after the other, the four Greek systemic banks announced the withdrawal of part of the extra charges for customer services that used to be free of charge.

The National Bank, the Piraeus Bank, the Alpha Bank and the Eurobank declared that they will not charge a fee for the issue of a new PIN for credit and debit cards.

In remote areas including islands, banks will not raise charges if a card holder withdraws money form the ATM of a bank other than the card issuer. The measure will apply in areas whether there is only one or two ATMs. In villages, towns and cities where all banks are represented the fee will be charged.

The lending institutions have also revoked their decision to charge an extra fee for the printing of the latest transactions of the account via the ATM.

The decision to raise extra charges triggered an outrage not only because all four of them agreed on fixed prices erasing the term of “competition.” Reactions were strong especially at remote islands where there are no bank branches but one ATM of specific banks and in same cases, no ATM at all.

The banks were forced to withdraw part of the extra charges due to be implement end of Cotober following a meeting with the prime minister. Τhe Development minister said on Sunday morning that the banks will announce new reductions later this month, stressing “negotiations continue.”

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