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Adventurous cat rescue from a power pole in Corinth (video)

A rescue operation was launched for a cat trapped on top of a power column in Corinth. All previous efforts to get the frightened kitty down had failed. When the rescuer reached out to the cat, the frightened animal made a surprise move.

Initially, pupils from a nearby school tried to lure her down with food but the cat remained on the column top.

“They even shook the pole,” the citizen who voluntarily offered to help the cat said. He had brought a ladder but it wasn’t high enough.

Ultimately, the Fire Service was called in, the  Municipality sent a bucket.

The unnamed citizen offered to catch the cat and take her down.

But when he was reaching out to catch her, the animal got more scared, slipped and escaped from his hand. In this dramatic moment, the crowd watching the rescue operation screams in anxiety and shouts at the man “Catch her! Catch her!”

The animal starts running all the way down the wooden pole until she reached the ground. The kitty continues in high speed, until it can hide in the nearest bushes and trees.

Video: the adventurous cat rescue

The crowd applauded both for the rescuer and the quick kitty.

“She was in a difficult situation, dehydrated,” the volunteer rescuer told local media. He suggested that the cat climbed to the pole seeking rescue from a pack of dogs roaming around in the area.

The incident took place in the area of Agios Georgios in Corinth, Peloponnese on Thursday.


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