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Two people injured as riot police raid Exarchia under the sound of …opera

Surreal atmosphere in Exarchia on Sunday: Riot police has “occupied” the roaring district of Athens. Streets are dead empty. Then a cultivated resident opens a window and the mellow tunes of an aria flow out in the darkness. The music traveled over the heads of riot policemen and the hiding cats of the area.

It is the first time that the riot police has such a strong presence in Exarchia on the day Greeks commemorate the Students’ Uprising of 1973.

The idyllic scenery did not last long and music did not “tame the morals” as the Ancient Greeks claimed.

Short after 8:30 large numbers of riot policemen reportedly raided the Exarchia Square. They came from several directions, fired tear gas and sound flares.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, police chased some 200 anti-authoritarians who were hurling stones at police.

The state broadcaster reported that police detained a few people.

At the same time, riot police beat a reporter of news website The man was filming with his mobile the attacks by police and was transmitting live on Facebook.

The reporter was hit with the baton and the policeman’s shield, the website reports.

Also a 20-year-old woman was beaten by police and suffered head wounds from the batons.

Later the woman received first aid by an ambulance paramedics.

Police has arrested 28 people and detained 13. On social media there is talk about more injuries.

Earlier, police raided an apartment building in the area and detained 8-9 people who were allegedly preparing to attack police. Again, the police operation was conducted under the sound of opera music.

The marches across the country were peaceful, but in Thessaloniki and Patras there were clashes of anti-authoritarians who threw molotov cocktail bombs setting some parked cars on fire.


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