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To Potami to suspend its operation, donate state funding to Athens University

The political council of the party that almost disappeared in voters’ preference proposed that To Potami suspends its operation. Reason of the proposal is the river dried out. Behind the decision is the decimation of the local groups of the party, a statement said.

After a major defeat in the European elections in May 2019, the party with vague centrist-liberal views, decided to abstain from the Parliamentary election in July

The party was founded in February 2014 by journalist Stavros Theodorakis.

Should the recommendation of the council be adopted, the party will also request the termination of state funding, an annual 100,000 euros, that would otherwise continue until the next European Parliament elections.

The party’s political council has also decided to donate 500,000 euros in state funding to Athens University to create incentives and halt the brain drain.

To Potami was founded amid the economic crisis and initially attracted mostly young people who were fed up by established parties. the party’s views remained vague until the end.

Greeks were shocked in February 2015, to hear then European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, to urge SYRIZA that had just formed a coalition with Independent Greeks to expand the coalition with To Potami.

The “usual mean Greeks” claimed that it was founded with the sole purpose to attract voters  from left-wing SYRIZA. It appeared and disappeared after being useful to those who supported its founding.


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