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Turkey ‘s Navy force Israeli research vessel out of Cyprus territorial waters

Turkish navy ships intercepted an Israeli research ship in Cyprus territorial waters and forced it out of the area. Turkey has been trying to create a fait accompli in the East Mediterranean Sea, unilaterally creating its own Exclusive Economic Zone off Cyprus and Greece.

The incident with the Israeli research vessel took place two weeks ago, Israeli media report on Sunday, quoting senior Israeli officials.

The research ship Bat Galim, of the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research institution, was approached by Turkish vessels while conducting research in coordination with Cypriot officials and the Cypriot government.

On board of Bat Galim were researchers from Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, as well as a Cypriot geologist.

According to Times of Israel, unnamed senior officials said the vessels radioed the Israeli ship, demanded to know its business in the area — despite not having jurisdiction there — and then ordered it leave. The Israeli ship had no choice but to comply and depart.

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  1. It looks piracy in Easter Mediterranean by the Turkish Navy is at full swing.

  2. Someone, should have a serious talk with Turkey. The sooner the better. The Turkish Government if there is a dispute with one of its neighbors, there is the International Court.

    This is the correct way. Not by sending warships.

    Remember, Prevention is Better than cure

    • Also I think if Turkey starts harassing Israel that Greece could benefit since although the US seems bored to help Greece with its troubles against Turkey, I doubt the US would tolerate Israel being attacked and could then benefit Greece since Israel and Greece are in sync with this issue.

  3. Erdogan is increasingly desperate to deflect from his own trials, following failed coup where he jailed and fired thousands. This dictator even extended his reign to 2029 but this will not be enough when new parties are being formed today.

    He would rather deflect by starting a war with Greece than face the gallows at home.

    He will attack while feeling he has a military advantage and while empowered with Trump in office.

    This is the critical time Greece that must be aware of before the November 2020 US elections.

  4. Kastelorizo ( Grek island) is now cut of from the Greek mainland by so called Turkisk territorial waters . Second World War Berlin ring any alarm bells out there.This is dangerous game of chess by Turkey.