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Majority of Greeks see “high risk of hot incident” with Turkey

Tensions in the Greek-Turkish relations preoccupy not only the politicians and the media, but also the Greek society. More than half of the Greeks consider as “high” the risk of a “hot incident” with Turkey,, a public opinion poll has shown.

A poll conducted by MRB on behalf of Stat TV shows that 54.6% of the respondents said the risk of a “hot incident” with Turkey was high. 39.2% are not concerned about such a possibility.

At the same time, 42.6% of the respondents consider that the International court of the Hague would provide an appropriate solution to the dispute with Turkey. 28.8% want direct dialogue with Ankara, while 21.3% say neither the Hague nor the dialogue are a solution.

An interesting observation is that ‘Fear’ has increased among the Greek society with regards the state of the economy.

To the question “words that express the Greeks about the present and the future of the country” results show that Fear, Shame and Anger have increased when compared to 2019.

Fear 40% (5% increase0

Hope 38.7% (10% decrease)

Shame 31.6% (6% increase)

Anger 30.5%

Pride 13.6%

Certainty 11.9%


Marked Blue the 2020 poll, marked Grey the 2019 pool.

Apparently the Greeks do not buy the government narrative of ‘growth, investments, money, jobs’ and whatever else around the main working title: Greece is changing

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