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Angry elderly shoots dead municipality supervisor over water problem

With three bullets in the head, an elderly citizen shot dead the supervisor of Dionisos Municipality over a water leakage in his home.The perpetrator was arrested by police.

The furious 77-year-old man went to the depot of Municipality of Dionysos, North Athens, at 8:45 Monday morning.

He demanded a solution for the water problem in his home “here and now.” The 55-year-old victim told him the leakage could not be stopped immediately as there was no municipality team available,but he promised to have the damage repaired within the day.

The promise did not satisfy the citizen who pulled the trigger and fired three shots at the victim who died on the spot.

The perpetrator then got in his car and left. He was arrested in his home short time later.

He had reportedly told police that he had complained many times about a water leakage in his home and that he was afraid his house would collapse due to corrosion.

According to media, the man has been complaining for the last 1.5 year about the leakage but municipality workers had not detected any.

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  1. Unforgivable. This man has not only murdered an innocent human being, but most likely left a family devastated.