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Greece in the grip of ice weather: Snowfalls in low altitudes even in Athens

Snowfalls are expected in the region of Attica and even in low altitudes like downtown Athens in the night from Thursday, Feb 6, to Friday, Feb 7, and the early morning. Parnitha, Penteli and Hymettos, the mountains surrounding the basin of Attica are dressed in white, while traffic has been halted from the teleferic to the casino of Mt Parnitha.

The cold weather front has Greece in its grip with heavy snowfalls, rainfalls, powerful winds and temperatures that dropped up to 18 degrees Celsius.

Snow reportedly reached one meter high in Spilia, Kissavos, in Central Greece.

The lowest temperatures were recorded in Vlasti by Kozani in western Macedonia with -6.4 C, in Vitina, Arkadia, Peloponnese with -4.7 C and Mavrolithari Central Greece also with -4.7 C.

In ski resorts and hiking shelters like Kaimaktsalan, in North Greece, temperature reached -12.3 C.

Schools are closed in several regions in northern and western Greece but not in the Pomak villages in the north-east.

where gymnasium and high-school students had to walk through the snow to their village, Kentavros. The school bus could not make through the snow.  pictures via kendelikhaber.

Nevrokopi, Drama, North Greece

For the rest of Thursday, meteorologists forecast snowfalls also in low altitude areas of Eastern Central Greece, Evia, the Northern Cyclades, the Peloponnese and Crete.

Rain is forecast in the south and south-east mainland, the Aegean islands and Crete.

Occasional thunderstorms are expected mainly in the southern Aegean and Crete.

The dense phenomena are forecast to weaken after Friday morning, Feb 7, 2020.

Snow Forecast Attica Thursday to Friday

Temperature and Weather Forecast Feb 6-9, 2020.

Temperatures will remain low in the upcoming hours.

meteorologists forecast rising temperatures as of Sunday, February 9.

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