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Varoufakis submits his Eurogroup recordings to Greek Parliament; “Unacceptable,” says Speaker

Founder of MeRA25 and former finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis handed the transcripts of his Eurogroup recordings in 2015 to the Speaker of the Greek Parliament. The latter refused to accept them, saying “I return as unacceptable Varoufakis’ letter.”

The former Finance Minister handed to Parliament Speaker Costa Tasoulas on Friday an envelope with a USB-stick containing the transcripts of the Eurogroup sessions he had secretly recorded in the first half of 2015.

The way the recordings would be communicated to the legislative body was “at the discretion” of the Parliament Speaker, Varoufakis noted.

He read the decision of the Greek Supreme Court according to which the recordings are legal as they do not fall under the sphere of privacy, but were done in the context of his duties.

Τhe leader of MeRA25 said that every time he rises up ‘lies are heard” and stressed that his move to submit the recordings to the Parliament “would deprive you of the right to lie” about what happened to the Eurogroup that wanted to humiliate Greece.

“The Parliament is not going to become a porter of whatever responsibility Mr Varoufakis wants to take on with the disclosure of such secret tapes,” Tassoulas said and returned the envelope incl the recordings.

“I wanted to say that when one feels that he has to take the initiative to announce his secret recordings, he has to implement this initiative at his own risk,” he added.

Following the rejection, MeRA25 issued a statement expressing its disagreement and pointed out that “the truth is frightening.”

Rejection of the recordings “simply confirms that the Eurogroup’ wall of opacity is working and is convenient for many, while truth and transparency are frightening.”

PS It is high time that Varoufakis distributes his secret Eurogroup recordings to the national and international media.

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  1. God forbid that the Greek parliament should accept responsibility for anything! And definitely they should never have access to important information that is not in the public view.

    It’s good to see that the Speaker is keeping up the proud tradition of an impotent and poorly informed parliament: it is only through this sort of meaningless theatre that the facade of democracy can be maintained.

  2. This “Eurogroup that wanted to humiliate Greece” met the wrath of one of Greece’s closest allies through Brexit.
    Nigel Farage’s departure speech was priceless.

    The world deserves to know how this oxymoron of a union waterboard Greece into multiplying its debt, forced depression, illegally closed its banks, starved the masses to pay rich banks that should have bust instead, etc., and to learn why this experiment is destined to fail.

    • Yanis should arrange to have the tapes made public in some other way if the speaker of the Vouli refuses to accept them. In this way, we can see whether Yanis’s account of proceedings in “Adults in the Room” was correct or not.

  3. Bravo ‘Stratiotis’