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Coronavirus: 14-day quarantine for those coming to Greece from abroad

Those arriving to Greece from abroad will be placed in 14-day quarantine, deputy government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni announced on Monday. The measure goes into effect immediately, that is starting on March 16.

Those not complying with the preventive measure will have to pay an administrative fine, Peloni said, without elaborating on the amount of the penalty.

With “quarantine” she means “house isolation.”

The first to be place under 14-quarantine are reportedly 190 migrants who sailed to the island of Kea, at a close distance to Lavrios in South-East Attica on Monday morning. They traveled through the Aegean Sea on board of the tanker amid high sea and winds blowing with 8-9 Beaufort.

Nobody stopped the vessel that run aground at the port of Kea in the early morning.

Among the passengers are 123 men, 28 women and 38 children, they are currently hosted in a n old hotel on the island.

The vessel had left Canakalle in West Turkey for Italy.

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  1. Would this also mean my friend coming here in a couple of weeks from UK?? I will pick him up from the airport and he stays in my house.

    • Phillada lecomte

      Of course Marilyn everyone even in private houses I am doing it now as arrived on 11 the from Paris

      • Thank you for your reply. I assumed (although that can be dangerous) that he could stay in my house and not be detained in a hospital type environment. That would possibly create a horrendous grouping of people in one space which would defeat the isolation concept.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      unless the measures won’t change YES. We understand ‘home quarantine”

      • Thank you KTG. I did think that as long as he was not roaming the streets and sleeping in a shop doorway it would be OK. At least people arriving and having a proper home environment to stay would not be a problem. At the end of the day, things seem to be changing hourly here so maybe tomorrow rules and regs will change anyway!!

    • What do you think? The Greek health department naturally excluded just your friend…
      What an ignorant question:(

      • I am sorry that you found my question to be ignorant. I was purely trying to ascertain if having someone arriving in Greece and staying in a private house would be acceptable as self isolation. I am fully aware that there is no accommodation in the sense of hotels and apartments but surely there must be Greek family and friends arriving who will stay in their own houses or with friends or family. To me it was an honest and logical question. However, thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply.

  2. So how is this being enforced? Are we relying on all foreigners arriving to be sensible and self isolate as I’m pretty sure a lot of them will be thinking “oh I’m ok so wont need to”

    • Hi Olivia, I would think that people arriving in Greece have somewhere to stay as all the hotels and apartments are closed. As far as I know there are no tourists arriving as the tour operators are not coming due to all accommodations are closed. However, there is, as you quite rightly pointed out, the chance that people will just ignore these instructions as some people never obey any instructions or rules. What can be done world wide ??

  3. I have travel plans for Greece June 5 2020 thru June 27 2020. Is Greece still quarantining US visitors? If I change my travel to end of Sept to October . Now flight is half of original price . Can get a refund ?