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Coronavirus: Only permanent residents can travel to Greek islands

The Greek government decided to ban the move of mainland Greeks to the islands as they thought they will have  protection from conoravirus there. However, authorities think otherwise and therefore, only permanent residents will be allowed to travel to the islands. The measure to contain the spread of the pandemic goes into effect at 6:00 o’ clock Saturday morning, March 21, 2020.

Still on Friday morning and despise authorities warnings, ferries left the port of Piraeus and were so crowded like in the peak of summer holidays.

The massive internal migration of the last days forced the government to radical measures, one of the many since the virus outbreak. The ministries of Shipping and Civil Protection took the relevant decision Friday noon, late on the day the official ministerial decision is to be issued with possible exemptions and restrictions..

The message is We Stay Home, we restrict our movements to the utmost necessary to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens. Some people still do not follow the instructions to Sta Home, so we have to do everything we can.,” Shipping and Island Police Minister Giannis Plakiotakis said.

He added that auditing of permanent residents will be done with the tax return filling showing the permanent address. This is a document absolutely necessary for anyone traveling from the mainland to the islands, the Minister stressed.

The ferries will supply the islands, transport permanent residents and bring non-residents back to the mainland.

The decision is taken before the weekend where authorities would wait another big wave of internal migration to the islands.

” We have to protect the islanders in every way, because the health system there is not sustainable,” Plakiotakis said.

The smaller the island where one believes he will resort to protection, the more difficult, if not impossible, is one’s care should one fall ill,” the Minister stressed.

By Thursday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases on the islands is limited to Lesvos (1), Karpathos (1) and Crete (4).

The woman on Lesvos was a pilgrim to the Holy Land, the nurse on Karptathos had not recent travel history, on Crete, the confirmed cases had traveled to Athens or came from Germany.

Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos appealed to Greeks to stop going to their villages or send their children there to stay with grandparents. He reiterated that the health care system in villages and small towns cannot cope with the pandemic.

According to official data on coronavirus in Greece until Friday (March 20) morning, there are 464 confirmed cases and 7 deaths.

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  1. Quick and easy government-saves-you recipe for screwups:
    On mainland for a short while to take care of some business, errands, doc visit, whatever.
    go to get on the boat to come home. papers please! a tax declaration!
    who carries those around on his person? well, maybe i had that at home but how could i get it to show you? maybe an accountant could print a copy and send it. oh wait, the accountant’s office was closed down for 2 weeks as ‘nonessential’.
    bugger. well, i guess ill have to wait here until then. where will i stay? in a hotel? whoops, they just closed them all!
    hopefully the weather is nice and i can sleep on a bench in the park for a couple of weeks.

    is there any problem other than serving the interests of oligarchs, that government was ever a good solution to?
    will all the people who were bankrupted, ruined, whose businesses or jobs were destroyed by these imbecilic overreactions, be able to sue the politicians and officials making these bad decisions? they talk about ‘personal responsibilkity’.. how about politicians bearing responsibility for their actions?

  2. What about tourists from abroad allready on an island. No hotels open on the mainland. No flights to take us home from Athens. I guess we just have to stay in our summerhouse…