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One more patient dies in Kastoria, local hospital appeals for donations

A 89-year-old man died in the hospital of Kastoria early Saturday. He is the fifth confirmed coronavirus victim to have died in the area and the 29. in the country since the beginning of the outbreak. He was reportedly underlying serious health problems.

According to local media, the confirmed cases in villages around Kastoria have rose to 39, after three more people were tested positive on Friday. Τhe latest case is a 90-year-old woman. She was reportedly transferred to the designated hospital in Thessaloniki Saturday noon. Test results from another 15 samples are expected.

Also on Friday, three intubated patients were transferred to a hospital in Thessaloniki.

Currently there are 25 local residents hospitalized in the city’s general hospital, with 13 of them being in serious condition, local media report.

The situation in the prefecture seems “tragic.” Two villages have been placed in quarantine since March 16 after several residents, mostly elderly were tested positive.

Local authorities are now calling on businessmen and individuals to provide high protection masks FFP2 and FFP3 for medical and nursing staff at Kastoria hospital as well as for the ambulance services EKAV.

The regional authorities and the Kastoria Deputy Regional Governor, Dimitris Savvopoulos are asking citizens, businessmen and individuals who may have high protection masks “to make them available for the needs of the staff at Kastoria Hospital and EKAB in order to facilitate their work.”

In an announcement, the Regional Governor stresses that “the needs are huge and that we should all realize that by protecting the health structures, we are protecting ourselves”.

“Those wishing to provide the above sanitary material can contact the Kastoria Deputy Regional Office from 07:00 in the morning until 09:00 in the evening at: 24673 50200/1,” regional authorities note.

The management of hospital of Kastoria has published the hospital’s bank account, after several associations and citizens showed interest to donate money.

“The hospital supplies are done through its approved budget and through the Greek Health Ministry,” local media report citing the hospital general manager Grigoris Hatzios.

Hospital donations appeal including IBAN and contact e-mail via local newspaper fonikastorias

The National Health Organization EODY has reportedly sent expert teams in the area over the weekend, and there are thoughts to declare more villages or even the whole prefecture under quarantine.

Local authorities call on health authorities to declare the general hospital into a hospital for coronavirus cases only and have other patients be treated in health centers or private clinics.

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