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Dentists in Greece return to work on May 4; strict protection measures

Dentists in Greece will be able to return to work on Monday, following health precautions and careful management of appointments, the Hellenic Federation of Dentists said on Thursday.

Appointments must be scheduled with the minimum of an hour in-between them, a statement said and precaution measures against the coronavirus will be implemented.

The patient must wear a disposable mask and disinfect their hands on arrival.

While making the appointment, the dentist will ask the patient ahead:

a) whether they’ve been tested for the coronavirus lately and what the result was

b) whether the patient or any family members are currently in obligatory quarantine, and, if yes, when it began

c) if the patient has had any symptoms in the last three days that include a cough, fever, a headache or a sore throat.

A ‘yes’ to any of the three questions will lead to postponement of the appointment by at least two weeks.

A patient must not be accompanied (unless patient is a young child).

In addition, the dentist, who must also wear protective equipment, is obliged to disinfect all surfaces after each appointment.

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  1. I think these measures are well thought of?
    !👏👏….. Better than here in Thailand as the poor people don’t have food to eat, when they go to collect the donated food and ration,it is total chaos and unorganized disruption and even on some occasions no one is given the supplies after standing in the heat, because of over crowding, something which can solved with a rope to make a line of orderly manner!.
    . Kalley Mera!