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Three Swedish nationals in Athens tested positive to COVID-19

Three Swedish nationals currently visiting Greece have been tested positive to COVID-19. They were in 14-day quarantine in a hotel in Glyfada suburb of South Athens. They had arrived from Stockholm.

The Swedish patients were reportedly taken to NIMITS hospital on Thursday night.

According to Alpha TV, one of them, a 20-year-old, fell ill with respiratory difficulties. he was tested positive and transferred to the hospital. More tests were conducted and two of his compatriots were found positive as well.

The hotel currently hosts a total of 62 people, who recently arrived in the country.

Whether foreign or Greek nationals, new arrivals from abroad are obliged to a 14-day quarantine.

Violations are fined with 5,000 euros.

According to official data on Friday, 13 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours have raised the number of total infections to 2,691.

32 patients are intubated in hospitals Intensive Care Units.

A total of 85 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the outbreak in late February.

Two new deaths in the last 24 hours have raised the death toll to 150.

One of the latest victims is former health minister and cardiology professor, Dimitris Kremastinos. The 78-year-old passed away on Friday morning. He was fighting against the virus in hospital ICU since late March.

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  1. Why are these people let in the country in the first place? Stay in Sweden and get your herd immunity if such thing even exists. Letting people from the most rekt countries come here is a very bad idea

    • I agree with this comment totally. Why are they allowed to come to Greece? Especially from Sweden. They come with the virus. Let’s keep the country safe and hospitals free if they are needed.

  2. I agree totally. Why on earth were these people allowed into Greece ? I thought international flights not allowed. Also Sweden did not go into lockdown. People doing their best to abide by the rules, and then these people are allowed into the Country. Hardly conveying the right message. Extremely disappointing.

  3. Can someone explain me how some Swedish or any other tourists can be visiting Greece nowadays ??? it sounds completely insane in current situation . i thought we are supposed to wait until July to reopen our touristic accommodations … Also i know many resident from abroad that are struggling to come in Greece . i don’t understand …

  4. These Swedish people has apparently been working Chania for the last year and has now been in Sweden to fix Visas and visiting family over Easter Holiday. They all have Greek social security numbers so these aren’t any tourists.

  5. There was 67 Swedish arrive to Chania, Crete on Tuesday to work for Call Centre based in Chania.The company chartered a plane and it was allowed directly in ..Why was this allowed.. Why did no one stop them at the airport… The press should investigate this

    • Was this a direct flight and how was this allowed ?

    • These people you are talking about are Scandinavians. They are people from Sweden, Finland and Norway. They are working in Greece. Have workpermit means Greek government let them in. They was allowed by the country to be let in. As soon as they get cleared they will go to Chania where they put in quarantine again.