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Travel to Greek islands: Gov’t plan in 3 stages, safety and masks on ferries

When will the Greek government lift the restrictions for traveling to the islands? Greeks and tourists ask the same question as the summer comes near. According to media, the government has a 3-phase plan with the key dates being May 11, May 18 and June 1

The first phase reportedly refers to professionals like supplementary teachers as schools open on Monday, May 11, for students of the 3rd grade of Lyceum. Other professionals allowed to travel to the islands as of May 11 are workers at retail stores and businesses that open also on May 11.

Travel to the islands either by ship or airplane requires that private sector employees provide documents and necessary certificates by the employer.

On May 18, when the restrictions to travel from prefecture to prefecture are lifted, workers in the tourism sector will be allowed to travel to the islands as well. of course, they will also need the relevant certificates.

The third phase concerned free traveling to the islands for all.

If things go smoothly, that is no set back and increase in the number of coronavirus infections, this is scheduled to happen as of June 1.

According to Skai TV, there is possibility that free movement to the islands will be allowed even earlier, with the possible date to be May 25.

However, take note, that media reports on free movement to the islands are based on an unofficial scenario and nothing relevant has been officially announced yet.

Yet, Shipping Minister, Giannis Plakiotakis said on Sunday, that “catering businesses and hotels on the islands open again on June 1 and workers will travel there earlier.”

Speaking to Ant1 TV, the minister stressed that “return to normality is taking place step by step and according to as schedule expected to be announced in the next days.”

He confirmed the new safety rules for traveling by ship in summer 2020.

Ferries and ships will travel with 50% of their passenger capacity.

The use of mask is mandatory by both the crew and the passengers.

Greek and foreign passengers will have to fill up questionnaires about their state of health before allowed to embark.

One person per cabin is allowed, and up to four in case of families.

Cabins will be booked at the first port of the route and not at the intermediate ports.

Getting on and off the ship will take place by keeping the safety distance.

Plakiotakis underlined that “traveling by ship will be safe and requires patience.”

For more information on tourism in Greece during the pandemic, click here.

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