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Travel within Greece: Health protocols for planes, ferries, trains, buses

Travel conditions within Greece change as the ban to move from prefecture to prefecture is lifted on Monday, May 18, 2020. Travels within the mainland, as well as the islands of Crete and Evia are permitted with special health protocols. Travel to the remaining islands are most probably to be allowed as of May 25.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has issued health protocols for traveling by ships and ferry, airplane, train and intercity buses (KTEL) to secure the safety of passengers and staff.


Trains, intercity bus connections (KETL), tourist buses and private buses are allowed to travel with capacity of 50% and thus until May 31, when the measures will be reviewed based on epidemiological data.

  • The use of mask is mandatory for all passengers of the above mentioned transport means as well as for airplanes.

Recommended is the use of electronic applications and transactions for the issue and validation of tickets.

Passengers should a distance of 1.5 meters in the waiting areas and when boarding or leave the transport means in order to avoid crowding.

Personnel is supplied with protective equipment such a gloves, masks and antiseptics.

Passengers areas are disinfected by the service providers.

Air travel

Boarding is done in small groups to avoid overcrowding.

Where there are boarding bridges, boarding is done only from the front door.

Where possible, passengers are transported from the waiting room to the aircraft on foot.

Where a bus is used, the limit of 50% of its capacity is observed.

Water, antiseptic and snack packages are placed at the entrance of the aircraft or at the boarding gate so that passengers can pick them up without the intervention of a third party.

Immediately upon arrival at the airport, the aircraft must be cleaned in a cabin with an enhanced antiseptic program, before being delivered to continue its flights.

Travel by ship/ferry

Sea traffic means travel with 50% capacity and 55% if they have cabins.

Before getting on board: Paasengers have to fill up a special health status questionnaire, they will undergo temperature measurement.

Maintenance of a distance of 1.5 meters during boarding, disembarkation and in all areas of the ship.

One person per cabin, unless it is a family (first degree relatives), so it can be up to 4 people, or disabled with their companion.

Mandatory use of mask (made of fabric is recommended) by passengers and crew members.

The special layout of the passengers in air seats (one seat occupied and one seat empty, adjacent, front and rear).

  • Temperature measurement and submission of a special health declaration, before departure, for the passengers of international ships on the Greek-Italian lines.

For trains and KTEL buses follow the staff instructions.

sources: tanea,, newsit

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