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Lightning kills woman on the island of Skopelos (UPD)

A woman was killed by a lightning during a rainstorm on the island of Skopelos on Tuesday, local media report.

The woman was reportedly doing agricultural works on the fields together with her husband, when she was hit but the lightning.

She died immediately in front of her husbands’ eyes, who was walking two meters away from her.

She was 52 years old and was reportedly from Bulgaria married to a Greek.

He husband informed the authorities about the incident.

The tragedy occurred in Peykia area, near the island capital Chora.

The ZEUS system recorded the lightning that killed the woman.

Greece’s meteorologists warn of stormy weather with dangerous phenomena until at least on Wednesday morning. Earlier on Tuesday, a heavy rainstorm hit capital Athens and broader areas in Attica, while hail turned roads in Halkidiki white.

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