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Sharp decrease of refugees and migrants arrivals in April and May

Migration flows to the islands and through the land border of Evros keep on falling and reached record high drop in April and May.

Citing government sources, media report that a decrease of 97.26% was recorded in April when compared to the same month in 2019. The decrease was at 91% in May.

76 migrants arrived last April, when 2,773 had arrived in April 2019.

204 migrants arrived last May, when 3,141 refugees and migrants had arrived in May 2019.

The number of refugees and migrants in reception centers on the islands decreased by 15% since the begin of 2020 as 13,000 people were transferred to the mainland.

Currently there are 36,276 refugees and migrants in the camps on the islands of Chios, Kos, Leros, Lesvos and Samos.

They were 42,000 in early January.

With regards to applications for recognition of refugee status, 7,000 were submitted in March and 16,000 in April.

Almost 4,000 decisions were issued in 2019, the government sources said.

It is not clear whether the flows will remain low after both Greece and Turkey are lifting restrictions related to the coronavirus and the first wave of the pandemic is slowly weakening. Ankara has threatened several times to allow migrants to Europe again, once the pandemic is over.

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