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Greece opens its gates to tourists from Italy on June 15

Greece will gradually open its gates to tourists from Italy starting on Monday, June 15, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias announced on Tuesday, during a joint presser with his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio.

“Greece will lift any restrictions as from next Monday and gradually until the end of the month,” Dendias said. He did not elaborate whether the gradual lifting refers to particular regions in Italy.

He expressed hope that “our Italian friends will spend the holidays in our country again this year.”

According to the Foreign Minister, there has been a lot of discussion about the epidemiological data in Italy in relation to the coronavirus. These data is “rapidly improving,” he added.

Responding to Dendias, Di Maio said “I am happy that Nikos Dendias assured that Greece will reopen its borders to Italy by the end of the month, removing any restrictions on quarantine for Italian tourists.”

It should be recalled that Italy was not included in the list of 29 countries for which Greece opens its gates on June 15. That decision had triggered reactions in neighboring country.

“”Italy believes in the European spirit, but it is ready to close its borders to anyone who does not respect it,” Di Maio had warned when Greece excluded it form the list. He had announced that he would visit Athens in order to address the issue himself.

Flights from 29 countries with a positive epidemiological profile will resume on June 15 and only for the airports in Athens and Thessaloniki. Only random testing will be conducted to passengers arriving from these countries. For the rest of the countries, tests will be conducted and quarantine will be imposed. The measure will be imposed until further notice.

Di Maio came to Athens no only for the tourism issue, though. Together with his Greek counterpart, he signed a historic agreement on the delimitation of maritime zones between the two countries in the Ionian Sea.

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  1. Living in Crete having just heard the latest info on the new confirmed cases……the feeling of here we go again.
    What are we waiting for? Bodies on the street?
    Lockdown Now!!

  2. Yep! Open to travelers from Italy on June 15 (Italy that was decimated by COVID), but excommunicate travelers from the US because that idiot president that they have pissed the EU off. That makes a lot of sense. Citizens paying for political acrobatics.