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Police detains main suspect in acid attack against young woman on May 20

Greek police has detained a woman on Thursday morning as the main suspect for the acid attack against a 34-year-old woman in Kallithea suburb of southern Athens on May 20.

The suspect, a woman aged 35, is being held at the offices of Athens’ Security Subdivision and is being questioned on the case.

According to media, police have found in the suspect’s home a wing and a phone card she has used to call a taxi that brought her to the crime scene.

Police officers have examined phone records and footage from several security cameras.

The suspect is from a village near the home village of the victim in western Greece , state broadcaster ERT TV reported. According to other media, the woman works in a lawyer’s office that cooperates with the company where the victim worked.

The attacker’s motive is allegedly “personal” with jealousy to play the main role. The attacker was suspecting that the victim had a relationship with her partner and had sent several sms to the victim.

She has been among the 20 suspects police has been investigating.

So far, she has not confessed to the crime.

A second suspect, also a woman, is reportedly to testify to police during the day. There were suggestions that the attacker had an accomplice.

The victim is still being treated for severe burns to her face and body in a hospital. She has already undergone several surgeries.

The attack took place on May 20, when the victim had just entered the building where she was working.

The attacker was hidden in the basement, rushed out and quickly poured the acid over the 34-year-old woman.

The victim run outside, undressing herself, shouting “it burns, it burns.” A worker at a nearby pharmacy was slightly burned in the finger when she tried to help the victim that was suffering incredible pain.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker had been in the area a few times before the attack, apparently to check the building and the other details that would facilitate her plan.

The attack with acid has shocked the Greek society.

Vitriol used to be a horror weapon for revenge used by both men and women who felt deceived in a relationship.

First time in Greece, it was used as a mean for revenge in the beginning of last century.

Famous Greek rebetiko singer, Sotiria Bellou, was sentenced to 3 years in prison in 1938 for having attacked her husband with vitriol. He was abusing her and her extramarital relationships. At that time, Bellou was just a housewife.

The most famous victim Konstantina Kouneva, a cleaner and unionist, and elected MEP on Syriza ticket. Kouneva was attacked with vitriol in 2008. She had to undergo a total of 31 surgeries to be able to function again after the attack.

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