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Tourism Minister: “A privilege to be Greek, we live in the best country of the world”

Greece’s Tourism Minister, Haris Theoharis, summarized in three tweets a series of platitudes and unacceptable rhetoric. He spoke of “the greatness of the Greek soul,” that lives “in the best country of the world,” and that it is “a privilege to be Greek.”

Odd enough, he was addressing tourism issues and thus for foreign tourists during a trip to Santorini that the government enlisted to launch the Greek tourism season 2020..

By safely opening the Greek tourism, we confirm the greatness of the Greek soul. Adaptability and passion for life and creation. We are making the crisis an opportunity for rebirth.

Because, in the end, it is not luck that we live in the best country in the world, nor is it a matter of luck that the Greeks managed to do better with the pandemic than most European countries and the whole planet.

It is a privilege to be Greek. This is the greatest task and the most serious legacy for the future of us all.

Apparently The Tourism Minister posted his tweets while he was still on the “best island” of the world, Santorini, before or after his press conference.

Several internet users criticized him for using nationalistic rhetoric and empty fanfare. Some critics even posted this:

PS no words…

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  1. The word for this behavior is Hybris.

  2. Hubris.

  3. I have experienced the Greeks as being peacefully, kind and friendly, humble and brave people who are incredibly hospitable, down to earth with a great sense of humor. These attributes can be found even more with the older generation. Greece is a very beautiful country. Imagine what the world would be without the Greek Philosophers, Olympic games, democracy, the architecture, geometry, astronomy, medicine and so much more. Not a lot of countries can keep up with them. The Romans learnt from the great Greek philosophers. I think there are more than enough and very good reasons why the Greeks can be proud. Now you can make up your own mind.

    • ….BUT I like to add that safety of the Greek people comes first and should have priority! Therefore I agree with the author of this article, that the statement of the tourism minister seem to serve the purpose to keep the tourism sector running. To navigate your country successfully through the Corona pandemie is a very difficult task because it’s a decision between health on one hand and to keep the economy running on the other hand.

  4. We have yet to see the virus eradicated from any country. Here in Greece it’s true there have been few deaths attributed to the virus, and comparatively few reported cases but what percentage of the country have been tested?