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Greece lifts restrictions to seasonal accommodation, museums, brothels

Greece lifts more restrictions on June 15, 2020, on the same day it opened its borders to foreign tourists from some 30 countries. Among the business back to operation are seasonal accommodations, museums and brothels with the latter having to follow a 10-point guide tailored by the National Health Organization.

Businesses going back to operation after three months of lockdown have to follow health protocols to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Starting on Monday, June 15, allowed to operate again are:

  • seasonal hotels and rooms to let
  • museums
  • gyms
  • amusement parks
  • brothels
  • physical wellness services
  • baths, thermal springs and saunas

Worth noting that as brothels open today as well, authorities have issued a series of health protection measures that include the avoidance of shaking hands and practically allow only specific positions.

The use of fabric mask is mandatory and according to the guide issued by health experts “wearing a mask could be integrated as a game during the duration of sexual act.”

The health experts prescribe that the offered services should not exceed “15 minutes per customer.”

“Registration of customers’ name and phone number is required,” the Greek National Health Organization notes, among others.

At the same time, several other businesses will remain closed, until at least the end of the month.

Among others such businesses reportedly are:

children summer camps, canteens in schools and universities, theaters -exception canteens at summer cinemas, seniors’ daily centers, live shows with the presence of public, casinos and gambling clubs,  events by cultural associations.

On July 1 tourists from almost all countries will be allowed to come to Greece, however, a list of restrictions will be imposed to countries with high epidemiological data.

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  1. Mrs Janice Lowther

    my husband and I are due to return to Larnaca on the 4th July and our flight with BA is still proceeding. It is now only just over two weeks and it is excrutiating still not knowing whether we will be allowed in or not! We are aware the UK government has not dealt with matters here in an appropriate manner but for all your loyal returning tourists this is just so frustrating being held in limbo like this. Can you not at least make a definitive announcement as to whether or not by the 4th July you will allow Uk tourists back in the country please

    • keep us posted. I am on a flight for July 17th from the States and am waiting/need to be able to cancel accommodations if need be to get refunded. I have heard from many Brits that when the airlines cancel it has been around two weeks prior to take off…

  2. What worries me living on a small island is will only take one to get through the net and many will pay a high price. Just look at some of the images from the UK shops opening today and check how many people are without a face mask or protection of any kind.

  3. Fantastic….we can now go to Brothels…..the mind is incapable of imagining ‘social distancing’ at such an institution !!!! In the meantime the ordinary Church going society can not attend a church service !!!
    Does this make any sense ???