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Suzanne Eaton: Inquest of her murder on Crete concludes, trial expected

The inquest on the brutal murder of 60-year-old American biologist Suzanne Eaton in July 2019 on Crete is now officially concluded and the man who admitted to have killed her will be standing trial, the Greek lawyers representing Eaton’s family said on Thursday.

In their statement, the family’s lawyers Vasso Pantazi and George Tzeriz said that “the husband, her two boys, the mother and siblings of the late biologist Suzanne Eaton, who was murdered and raped in a brutal and inhumane manner last summer, have entrusted us with defending her memory and supporting the charges against the man, who, beyond any human instinct, deprived her of the opportunity to live, plunging her family and relatives into immense sorrow.”

Stressing that the family has absolute confidence in the Greek justice system, the lawyers aid that the family expressed satisfaction with the result of the man’s cross-examination, “which has just been completed and which did not leave a single stone unturned in this brutal homicide.”

Contrary to some reports, the killer – a local resident aged 27 – did not, at any point during his cross-examination, revoke his confessions, or apologize for his crime before the prosecutor, the lawyers said.

In addition, no active psychopathology was detected by psychiatrists during his psychological evaluation. The doctors who examined him “determined he was entirely aware of the inhumane actions he perpetrated” and “were astounded by his apathy, coldness and cynicism,” the two lawyers said.

The statement added that “several local women in Crete bravely came forward to testify at police and the court” that the perpetrator consistently staged fake car accidents to immobilize women and attack them sexually.

The family also “expressed their gratitude to the all the Greeks for the hundreds of messages of support they have received.”

Suzanne Eaton was on the island attending a scientific conference at the Orthodox Academy of Crete. She was reported missing on July 2, 2019, after her daily jogging in the afternoon. Her body sparked an intense search and was finally located five days later buried in rubble in an abandoned WWII bunker and cave in the Maleme area of Chania, in western Crete.

Giannis Paraskakis, a Maleme resident, admitted to running Eaton down by car, then raping and strangling her in an apparent random act. 

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One comment

  1. Propandos Sosstos

    How disheartening to witness such a vicious and senseless act against a good person by a bad person. It is almost unfathomable that this emotionally disturbed and challenged individual was not suffering from any clinical mental disorder given his capacity to distinguish shear evil by tryng to hide his actions with sexual gratification as the motive. This is especially near impossible for this to have happened in Greece of all places. It is truly unbelievable that a resident could remotely harbor the capacity to remotely instigate such a heinous crime. It reflects poorly on something that simply does not happen in Greece to make this all that much more numbing. I feel horrible to suggest that a fitting ending would be a quick and humane ending to put this all past us. After all, this is exactly what they did in the old days to get rid of societal menace.