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UK to set “air bridges” with Greece, Spain and ten other countries

The United Kingdom plans to establish “air bridges” with a good dozen of countries, including some in the European South like Greece, Spain and Portugal, British media report on Saturday.

Britain’s ‘air bridges’ plan is set to involve less than ten countries, giving tourists the ability to travel between them and the UK this summer with no mandatory 14-day quarantine.

A total of 12 countries – including Greece, Spain, Portugal and France – are being considered with officials examining both the risk of travellers bringing Covid-19 back and the popularity of the destination.

At the moment, any traveller arriving in the UK – whether from Britain or a tourist – must quarantine for 14 days and provide their phone number and an address for self-isolation.

The ‘air bridge’ rules would come into play on July 4 and will likely be announced on June 29.

But it will only go ahead if the chief medical officer provides advice on each nation and the Foreign Office lifts its non-essential travel ban to the countries in question, noted UK’s newspaper daily mail.

So far there has been no official reaction from Athens, however, Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis had made a similar bilateral proposal to UK already in May.

On June 15, Greek Civil Aviation Authority CAA extending the flight ban from/to UK and Turkey until June 30, 2020.

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  1. Es muss jeder selbst wissen, wie viel ihm seine eigene Gesundheit wert ist!

  2. Dave van de Gevel

    As an ex-pat Brit., I implore you not to allow British tourists into Greece. If you look at the scenes at Bournemouth beach, you will understand that so many, mainly young, British have no sense of responsibility towards the rest of humanity. I know I will be ignored but you are inviting a second wave of Covid-19 to hit the Greek population. I, for one, will do my utmost to avoid tourists on this small Greek island where we are free(so far) of this virus.
    I understand the economic need for tourism but who will ultimately pay the price? Your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters? Who can say?