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No direct flights from UK and Sweden to Greece until July 15

At a wide-ranging meeting under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday, Greece decided that there will be no direct flights from the UK and Sweden until July 15, 2020, state-run news agency amna reports. The decision comes one day before the UK flight ban by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority expires and two days before the country opens its regional airports to international flights on July 1.

Regarding flights from third countries, Greece reportedly intends to move on the basis of the list compiled by the European Union, a list expected to be officially released today, Monday, or Tuesday.

According to amna, the high-ranking government ministers discussed at the Prime Minister’s office issues such as the targeting tests, the health protocols at all entrance gates of the country as well as the transfer protocols to hospitals and quarantine hotels in case of confirmed infections with coronavirus.

Prerequisite for entry into the country is the mandatory completion of special “Passenger Locator Form“, 48 prior to check-in.

PM Mitsotakis pointed out that “the whole opening process is dynamic and the data will be constantly evaluated.”

The Prime Minister also called for maintaining the very good level of cooperation that exists between the Ministries to date. “Mistakes and failures are inevitable, but with good cooperation and timely action we can deal with them,” he said.

A common finding was that proper preparation has been made at all levels, so that there is maximum security for both visitors and local residents.

Epidemiological data and the progress of virus curve are top criteria when it comes to allow direct flights from departure countries or not.

See also general information on travel to Greece as posted and updated by the Foreign Ministry.

For more information on travel in Greece during the pandemic check here.

PS Note, that an official statement on direct flights from UK, Sweden and maybe some other country is expected later today, June 29, 2020, or tomorrow.

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  1. I am really starting to question whether the Greek government actually wants to restart tourism. Currently UK nationals can fly to almost every country in Europe and many countries outside of Europe. As of 1st July, they will be able to fly to every EU country EXCEPT Greece!! Spain, Italy and Portugal are waiting with open arms for UK tourists and we close the door in their face. UK tourism accounts for almost 25% of visitors to Greece and in some islands and regions, the percentage is even higher. How does the Government think we will fill the hotels, villas, tavernas etc? The last minute decision making is also making it virtually impossible for airlines to plan and for tourists to plan holidays. This is resulting in many tour operators cancelling flights for the whole season as well as scheduled airlines.

    • Grahame Chambers

      Thank you Mr. Mitsotakis & the government health ministry, for putting the safety of the people ahead of profit!

    • Perhaps you failed to notice what a mess Italy and Spain made with the virus outbreak. And they continue to manage it poorly. As far as most people in Greece are concerned, the mass British tourism brings trouble and drunken loutishness, now with added coronavirus. This sort of tourism is not desirable under any circumstances, let alone now. Greece is right to hold back on inviting British yobbos: they are welcome to infest Italy and Spain with their bad habits and very low spending.

      • Ex pat: There may a small element of truth in what you say, involving a minority of British tourists, frequenting certain resorts. Your sweeping statement that we are all like that, and that we don’t spend much money is totally absurd and I, for one, find it insulting.

    • Nicola Jean Sieling

      It is not true, brits cant go to any of the Scandinavian countries, except Sweden (that cant go anywhere either), and as far as I remember you cant go to Poland, Germany or France either, and quite sure there are others. It will actually be possible for Brits to go to Greece the 15 of july, whereas Scandinavia, Germany and Poland will be closed untill 31 of august.

    • I completely agree, this sounds like an insane decision. Good luck Greece…

  2. Expat Brit

    We have gone to a small island called Agistri and also Makryialos in Crete for many years and have yet to see a single British Yobbo. We spend approx. £3500 per visit

    • Hi Malcolm, yes those are islands that the yobbos’ package deals do not take them to. If you go to Kos, parts of Rodos and other popular cheap accommodation islands, you will see the problem. The British Embassy even had to set up special units on several islands to deal with serious issues of very bad behaviour and criminality of UK tourists.

  3. Decent Brits are ashamed of the behaviour of some cheapskate lager louts when abroad. Countries like Italy deliberately do not offer cheap accommodation in order to avoid such people, understandably and it works.