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International flight passengers to Greece must fill PLF prior to check-in

All passengers of international flights to Greece will be obliged to fill the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) prior to their check-in, Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said in an air safety notice (notam) issued on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

The mandatory completion of the PLF by all passengers of international flights to Greece goes into effect as of today, June 27 and is valid until Monday, August 31, 2020.

“All travelers are required to complete their PLF at least 48 hours before their check-in and provide  information about the departure airport, their address, time of stay in Greece and other details as specified with the form, ” CAA said in its statement.

“The passenger identification form (PLF) is a key element in Greece’s planning aiming to protect citizens and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the CAA said.

The Notam is released ahead of the opening of all Greek regional airports on July 1, 2020.

You can find the form in English here. On the website of the Civil Protection are also instructions for those arriving to Greece by plane, by sea or via the land borders.

See also: “Barcode” decides which tourists will be tested for COVID-19 at Greece’s airports

*** I’ve received several complains the the PLF doesn’t function properly (see comments sections below). We have informed authorities – but there is nothing more WE can do Stand 27. June 2020.

UPDATE July 8, 2020

The Civil Aviation has changed the time to fill the PLF from 48 hours to 24 hours. The change is valid from July 9 until August 31,2020. See our KTG report here.

PS KTG understands that the mandatory PLF 48 hours prior to check-in aims to identify flight passengers arriving transit thorough “safe” countries but their first departure airport was in a not-safe country. Do not write down false data. Authorities could cross-check with your internet IP…

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  1. Cross-check ip? Never heard of vpn? If people want to come but only think about themselves …

    • I am leaving on Turesday, 07/07/2020 and I cannot fill in the form because this date is not available. Is this a bug or did we have a deadline to complete the form? Also, can i fill it in the airport upon arrival? Thank you!

      • Hi Andreaa, I have the same problem (traveling from Amsterdam) and I think it is because we have to do it 48 hours in advance, which for me at least it’s already too late. For you, yesterday at 10:45 (when you commented this), you might have been on time if you arrive after 11:00 tomorrow.

        Not sure what to do now. If I do it at the airport, it says I’ll risk a fine which I totally accept but I have to know for sure that I can still enter the country.

        • Hi, I am travelling tomorrow, same problem, probably because it is too late now.. What did you guys experience? Was it a problem?

          • Hi, My travel is tomorrow night and I have being trying to fill the form since yesterday but the website is showing an error.
            Curious to know if someone could enter without this form or fill the information there

          • If you happen to have no smartphone nor means to printing form off if only received on day of travel, then what happens? They send us home? Fine? how much is the fine?!

          • I just got a call from a Greek friend( Greek citizen) that have been living in Norway for a while, and he just arrived in Greece. He didn’t recieve any information about this form in advance, and they demanded 1000 Norwegian kroner in fine ( around 100 usd) because he didnt fill out the papers!

  2. Weird. It says as of July 1 on the passenger locator form

  3. There is no state/province option on this for the Cyclades and the code for Naxos is 84300 and it will not accept that !

  4. Just trying to complete this form but it doesnt seem to want to accept any zip code for any place in Greece . Any ideas?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      i’ve asked

      • keep Talking Greece, thank you for following this up and checking for us.

        • keeptalkinggreece


        • I’m supposed to catch a ferry on the 2nd of July and according to the form I should show the cabin number but this will available only when I’ll convert the booking with the real ticket at the port. So how can I inform the authorities 48 hours before departure?

          • I had identified this same issue. We are not given cabin numbers until the Reception Desk on board. Has your ferry company picked up on this and given instructions?

          • I will embark the ferry from Ancona on 3th of July, but how do I get a cabin number by now… typical greek chaos already pissin’ me off yet again….

          • Someone has to push the ferry companies to communicate with the Greek authorities, urgently. Maybe we try using the Reservation Confirmation Number, and see if the system will generate the essential QR Code?

          • Cabin Numbers.
            Have any ferry passengers succeeded in getting through the PLF without a cabin number? I am waiting for Anek to respond to my enquiry.

          • Andreea Paraschivescu

            I am leaving on Turesday, 07/07/2020 and I cannot fill in the form because this date is not available. Is this a bug or did we have a deadline to complete the form? Also, can i fill it in the airport upon arrival? Thank you!

          • Hi Andreea , I have the same problem as I filled the form in after 24 hrs , so my date wasn’t available so I had to put the following day ! What happened for you ? Did they still give you a code and let you in?

      • I have two identical forms in my dashboard now will this be a problem as it will not let me delete one

    • Tony, very sorry for you, but grateful…won’t accept any Post code I put in for the Peloponnese either. thought it was just me.

  5. The form itself is a bit confusing. Any insight? I am not sure what they mean where it says “Please check if there is an internal connection flight.” I would think we list our originating flight first, connecting flight second. But the way the form is set up, asking for airport of entry in Greece in the first section, perhaps it is the other way around? Thank you!

    • You have identified several excellent points. The people responsible for translating this form into English are responsible for the many wording problems that exist on this form. (1) Please check this box if you have any internal connection flights. What? What is meant by the word internal? Internal to what? Why wasn’t the question. “Tick this box if you had any connection flights”. My understanding of internal is will one be transitting thru the main airports on mainland Greece to other airports within Greece (on the islands for example). (2) Somewhere else on the form it asks if you have been to lived or transited thru other locations apart from Greece and from the other airport you travelled from. The question is stated as OPTIONAL! Why? If it’s optional, I don’t need to respond to it. If the authorities are truly interested in determining where people have been in the past 14 days, why does the form have this question as OPTIONAL? It makes no sense.

  6. Form is still a bit funky, when you add family members, they all get the same age . . . when you change it for one member, all other family members that are on the form get the same age!

    • We wanted to fil in the form, but it only accepts up to 4 numbers as the flight number. As ours is Tuifly with airline code X3 plus four additional numbers it also will not accept that.
      Thanks for informing the authorities.

    • I have the same problem. And this is still not fixed. All family members always have the same age.
      And what do they mean with ‘only include age if younger than 18’? If you don’t enter an age, the system won’t accept your input …

      • I guess the correct form is “only include MEMBER if younger than 18” (?)… Perhaps all the adults should fill de PLF for themselves

    • I completed the form choosing land arrival by car. I submitted age for each member of family by adding age after last name. Example: Maria, wife, 36 years old or Alex, son 7 years old. Completed form and got email response. Now i am waiting for a qr code, I understand that this is not instant.

    • can i please ask, is it one code for the whole family?

  7. As with others, trying to input valid post code for our house in Corfu and it gets rejected – suspect this must be a general problem if others are also reporting this for differing codes

  8. Hi,

    I have the same issue, I am visiting my family in Athens and it won’t accept the post code.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  9. Corona-Hoax-Madhouse

    So ppl who dont use internet will have great fun traveling in? 🙂

  10. How do find the state province for rhodes all listed are in Greek

  11. I have the same problem with adding the post code, says it’s incorrect when it’s the right one. Any updated on this?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      got some feedback by some people that it worked for them.

      • Thank you for the update, would you happen to know if there is a contact email to report the postcode error?

        I have tried every possible combination and the postcode is 100% correct.

        Many thanks

      • It worked for me, too. I’m waiting for my mother in Crete the 6th of July ( next Tuesday!), but still no code yet…I’m worried…My mother is 73 yo, not into technology and smart phone use.
        How long it needs for the code, that she must print before travel?

        “Thank you for completing the Passenger Locator Form before your trip to Greece. We appreciate your cooperation in this extraordinary circumstance. We are making every effort to accommodate your stay in Greece and keep you safe.

        Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how the country will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening, and keep everyone safe throughout the season.

        We will shortly be in touch again with more details with regards to your submitted PLF document.”

  12. No zip code possible???

    • Just completed the form with the help of a friend. The post code section now is working after submitting the form you get a no reply email saying they will be in touch later with more details.

    • I am traveling on august 14th i submited PLF few times because travel agendy advise me to do it because i did notrecieved confirmation e-mail. Still till today noconfirmation e-mail. What should i do?

  13. If this form is the best Greece can do, then I suggest keeping the borders closed for tourism. Open it only for Greek citizens and legal residents to return to Greece or travel to other destinations. Anything else will be a big mess, and the return of Covid-19 across Greece.

  14. Form seems to be working now!

  15. I am trying to input my Wizz Air flight number but it doesn’t accept it as it requires minimum 2 letter but all Wizz Air flights start with “W” and then numbers. How can we contact the admins to let them now?

  16. Hi all,

    I managed to complete mine as well. There was a bug when using a UK address as a permanent residence and this was triggering a UK format postcode to be required on the temporary address too. I fixed this by adding twice the same temporary address (Greek address) , then untick the second address and hit submit.

    Hope this helps.

    Have a good day

    • So I filled out the form. Added my 3 children as family travel companions. Although it would not let me enter their ages differently. It changed them all the same. Not sure if I only fill in the one form or am I suppose to fill one in for each.

  17. I’ve filled in the form just now, who knows what happens next? I’ve just received an email stating that they will be soon in contact regarding the form. Should I wait for any sort of document which I will need to show at the airport? Thanks

    • Marco Zimmermann

      Filled in the form yesterday. But still no code!
      Anyone received that damn thing yet.

      • I have also not yet received the code.

        Is it correct that one form is enough per family?

      • Hi Just looked at the form.

        I have s connecting flight from London to Vienna then Vienna to Athens.

        Do I need to put in the two flights or one from London to Vienna.

        Then Vienna to Athens?

        Is this possible?

        • I have the same question as yours . I have 2 connecting flights before reaching athens. Could you please advise on how did you fill this section. Thank you.

          • What happens if you been in a COVID hotspot in the 14 days preceding your arrival in Greece? Is there a requirement to quarantine?

  18. It states “Please enter the temporary address you will be residing for up to the next 14 days.” I am planning to stay in Athens one day and then visit 3 islands in those 3 days. Does anyone else has similar case and what address we put?

  19. You will get a QR code when entering greece. Apparently

    • Really? How we will get it? I had to complete the form for my mother, she’s 73 yo. How older people, not technology used, do?

  20. If we are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) do we have to fill 4 forms? Or how is with children? Thanks

    • keeptalkinggreece

      no idea. just try it, maybe section for kids

      • Tonia Liggett-Plant

        I printed off the confirmation email with details regarding the plf document, I have noticed that there is only my husbands name and passport number at the bottom of the email even though I put both our names and passport details on the form. Do I need to apply again in my name only this time although the website states only one application per household

    • Hi There
      I’m the same – 2 adults and 2 children. I filled in a form for me, then added my husband on the end. Made one for my son then added my daughter. is that ok or do I need to fill in 4 forms in their entirety? Thanks

      • Can you please advice, what do you write if u have 2 connecting flights:
        Buch athens
        Athens santorini

        Which is the entry point, which of the 2 flights i put 1st and which is the connection flight? Thanks a lot

        • did you get an answer for this as i am having the same issues im frankfurt to athens and the athens to kos

  21. Hi!
    I have filled in the form. But I don’t get any kind of confirmation (now it’s 6 hours ago). Is this correct? And when do I get these QR-Code?

    Thanks a lot!

  22. Also be aware that whatever you insert in the family members “age” field (which in case of more than one member, automatically assigns the same!) is also automatically assigned in the previous page (emergency contact Information) in the field “City”. Somebody did a very sloppy job coding a simple form and it is two days before the borders open.

  23. Some ferry routes from Italy take 25-30 hours. Is the 48 requirement from time of departure or time of arrival as port of disembarkation in Greece?

  24. I have filled the form and got a thank you message but there was not any QR code. What does it mean? How do I get that QR code to show it at the airport?

    • I tried to submit the form again, and at least now I received a “Confirmation of PLF submission to” to my email.

      I hope I will get a QR soon.

      BTW, they fixed some bugs already have been mentioned here.

  25. For all of you that had problems and asked for help, could you tell me how can I contact the responsible institutions in order to solve my problem filling the form. An email or phone number?

    • i emails the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and sky news thinking they could put all the answers to mostly the same problems i have spent 8 days 6 submissions later and its still all wrong . crazy mess . here’s some hopefully usefull advise for some . i recieved a message from a person on facebook letting me no the following x hope it helps you all.

      flights with three letters before the number apparently can add just first two ? easyjet = EZ

      one form for adults over 18 , but include any other over 18 adults in the travel comp part .

      click on the add children to add your children details inc ages , click again on the first add children button to add more .

      apparently you only have to have one form with children on but hubby oct over 18 must do there own including you and other adults on theres under travel comp.

      you should receive an email within mins of submitting form if not the do again as no email no code no entry .

      QR codes should get to you via email by midnight before you fly . you must print this code or download and keep for showing at airport.

      if you receive no code before flight it could be that you will get it during flight but you must show the conformission email .

      YOU MUST also repeat this on your returning journeys but the uk web page only allows you to do this a few days before , if you need to print then most greek hotels will be happy to do this for you im sure .

      TESTING some say serial numbers starting with one gets tested some say 2 , i dont think you will no for sure untill you find out for yourself , the airport testing staff are very kind and understanding to you fears and do there best to deal with all testing quickly so you can proceed to your destination .
      if you get picked for testing you have a simple throat swub thats it , you are asked to stay away from other guest etc for 24 hours if you do not get a response within the 24 hours your free to enjoy your holiday if you do they will advise you of further precautionary measures ,

      however if you travel i am sure like me you have to decide is this worth being separated from family for 14 days in a hotel for covid cases ? you do have to comply so there you go your decision people . very scary times STAY SAFE
      PLEASE DO NOT think i am 100 percent spot on or confirmed this myself this is information from a british matt who has arrived safely and had no problems at all .

      most importantly enjoy your holiday if you go , dont panic like i have and then worry about lots of submissions , its hard to get help even from your airline so we all need to post up the info that we no can be as positive as possible . feel free to correct what i have written if you no different im only trying to help while seeking help also x

  26. Unfortunatelly it’s a complete mess filling the form. There are many bugs and no clear instructions from the greek side…
    I would really like to know if for a family one form is enough or not. The form is basically an electronic version of the paper document, and in that document it says: ‘One form should be completed by an adult member of each family.’
    So I would guess it could be the same. But who knows…

    • I have filled one form for the whole family (2 adults + 2 children) and I hope we will pass..

      • Did this work please?ive added my son onto my form and worried I won’t board the plane .thanks!

      • Did this work?

      • Did this work please? My mother filled ours out and checked a box that clearly states It am filling one form in for the whole family/household’ but there’s still all this y’all and confusion that that’s not enough, which worries me as I will be the adult without one in that case!

  27. The form seems to be down all together now…

    403 ERROR
    The request could not be satisfied.
    Request blocked. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
    If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.
    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)

  28. Daniel Zimmerman

    I submitted my form 24h ago. But didn’t receive any QR code or something. Did anybody receive a QR code as it is mentioned on the news?

  29. What is state province for Corfu please

  30. Also same here
    No code
    I leave to greece in 2 days and nobody says nothing about this
    No enoug info…

  31. What about children? Should I fill a separate PLF for my 8y.o. son or it’s enough if i put him into my PLF?

  32. Now the form works to the point where you should add family members’ age. it is no longer using same age for all but it is mandatory even if the person is abpve 18.

  33. Same here. We were supposed to receive it by email but so far there is nothing.
    There is even no helpline or any explanation.

  34. Hi everyone,
    is anyone experience the pop up of an error message when trying to submit the form?
    Thank you

  35. Absolut mess. Tried 3 times and it didnt work. I had to start again and again right from the beginning.
    Maybe Greece doesn’t want tourists.
    Government: fire the guys who have programmed this shit.

  36. After filling in the form, i always and permanently get the message: an error has occured, try again. New try, same result !!

  37. Did anyone receive a QR code? I filled my form 2 days ago, fly on Thursday and still no code. Not sure what to do.

  38. Berthold Kynast

    It is not clear:

    Does the form be filled in online a) at the latest 48 hours before entering the country, or b) exactly 48 hours before entering the country?

    Also, what countries are on the read and what countries are on the green list? We are from Bulgaria, on what list are we?

  39. Can ask for us what is the time we re supposed to wait until we get qr code?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they never answer. all we can do is make them aware of a problem. sorry.

      • PLF 48 – 72 hours before arrival.
        The Anek website has this morning posted an information sheet which may be useful, or may add more stress to an already confused situation. It states “according to Article 1 published in Government Gazette 2602/Β28.06.2020, all travellers to Greece must submit, within a period of forty eight (48) to seventy two (72) hours before their arrival, the electronic form Passenger Locator Form (PLF)”. Might it be that non-issue of QR Barcodes which people are reporting is tied to this 72 hour limit (which I have not seen mentioned before)? More importantly, if an upper limit of 72 hours is mandatory (as Anek are stating), why has this not been made clear on the Government guidance notes?
        (keeptalkinggreece, please attach this reply to any strand of the conversation you consider appropriate)

  40. Hello
    Tried this morning to fill the form partially to understand it but I closed by mistake my Chrome App. Well now I have “Error 403” on my screen when I come back. Same on Internet Explorer.
    Any server pbs? or other problems (PC block ?, ID blocked ?) ?
    Make some stress !

  41. O Milan apo Servia

    You really don’t know Greece. You will get the code at one point or another. If not they will let you in without it. Strict rules and Greece – I have never heard of such a nonsense 😉

    • Great !! take a 1000km+ trip with your kids by car and leave `it` to the `greeks`. You should be anounced prior to arrival if you are about to be tested, so if you can`t afford 14 days quarantine in case someone is `positiv` ,not to come at all. I am from greece and i do know greece, that is why i am anxious about this. By the way ,submited the form on sunday……no qr code by today.
      My problem is that i have to attend family matters….otherwise i would not bother for greece this year..

  42. If we are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) do we have to fill 4 forms? I already filled mine I put my husband and my 2 children

    Also pls note that I’ve received a confirmation email for my PLF submission but didn’t receive the QR code when should i receive it noting that my departing is on 23rd July,2020

    your reply will be highly appreciated

    • As far as I understood, every adult (18+) person has to fill out the form. Kids younger than 18 can be included in one of the submissions. In your case that means one form for you and one for your husband and include kids in one (just one) PLF. You seem to have a plenty of time, you’d be on the safe side to fill it out 72-48 hrs before your departure.
      e.g. we are arriving on 2nd July, filled out the form on 28th June, still no QR code received as people have reported before, just the confirmation stating “we will shortly be in touch again…”.

      • are you sure? I understood that afrom a family is required only an adult to fill the form, not both of them. I submitted form and added my wife and kids

        • No I’m not sure. But to be on the safe side, we did it like I described. You never know what’s really required with wording like you can see on the form.

          BTW, we’ve received the QR codes yesterday (30th June) in the evening. The data in the attached pdfs are pretty messy, i got wrong age on mine, our addresses are copied from primary to secondary temporary… But overall, it fits our needs, hope it will satisfy the authorities in Greece 😀

          Enjoy your summer friends. Stay safe.

      • Thank you for your reply. Actually I did the form for all of us because the announcement of the PLF wasn’t clear or detailed enough ! Also I did it early to be on the safe side to get our QR code before departure specially I see that there is a lot of passenger who r going to travel soon still waiting for theirs. If anyone experienced the procedures in Athens airport it will be appreciated if they can share it with us. And what if we didn’t receive our QR code before departure?!

      • Hello. Please tell us if having completed each one form (wife/husband) proved to be ok for the authorities. Enjoy your holiday.

  43. Penelope Simpson

    Can someone please tell me where to find this form?

  44. Did anybody receive QR code? How long I have to wait?

    • Good question.

      I am still waiting for the code (sent the form Sunday) and asked my airline about the PLF (no answer). Flying this Friday,

    • I submitted my form on the 28th of June and received the QR code 10 mins ago. I am not sure how it works but I am flying in 48 hours so it might be that everyone gets it 48 hours before boarding? I hope that helps.

  45. The QR’s are now apparently distributed in chaotic order. The submission date does not matter. If you do not have a QR code before your arrival, you should be able to show the printout of the confirmation email. That should be enough to get inside the coutry by now. This information / rumor comes from a German forum and is not binding.

    • if we send PLF request with more than 72 hours, but not receive QR code, can we travel to Greece? any idea? can we travel based on PLF submission confirmation?

      • Fresh report from a german traveler who is catching the ferry at BARI:

        Just checked in at Bari.
        It went smoothly and quickly as usual when you can show the PLF or at least the registration confirmation email.

        The self-declaration must first be presented at boarding (Those from are handed-out by Minoan, Anek and others and ar NOT the PLF!)

        But those who have not yet applied for the PLF will be sent away until they can show the (registration confirmation) email.


        The streets in Germany, Austria and Italy were as empty as never before. Even emptier than usual in March and April. Nowhere traffic jam!

        Tomorrow I will report how it works in Patras.

  46. Has anyone any experience of flying into Greece without the barcode, but only with the confirmation email?
    I completed the PLF online without any issues on Sunday, I am flying on Saturday, but still no barcode.

    • I will fly from Prague on Friday – submitted 2 days ago – still waiting a QR code.

      There was announces that persons without QR code will not allowed even onboard to aircraft.

      I’ve called to Greek embassy and asked what if I will not get the code in time.

      They said I have at least to print out an email with submit confirmation. And added, that today 4 aircrafts full of people without confirmation have already flown from Prague to Greece.

      Another suggestion, if you still have a 48 hours before flight, try to submit PLF one more time.

      • Time window 72-48 hours

        Has anyone who is waiting for their QR code learnt how critical, or not, it is to submit the PLF within this time window? Has anyone been told not to submit more than 72 hours before arrival? I ask because it is easier to do this from home and more difficult while in transit with limited internet. Stress stress stress…..

      • I second this exactly experience and commentary from Prague… just print the email showing you submitted and presumably we will sort it out in Greece using e-mail address or something.

      • Many thanks! Good luck with your flight! Could you send an update once you have landed in Greece?

        • Eventually I’ve received a code!

          I submitted the PLF twice, 29th of June and today, and I’ve got two QR codes with 15-minute interval. My wife received three ones 🙂

          I will write here on Friday how we pass the airport control.

  47. I have filled out the form but I did not receive the QR Code or any more information? I am already flying this friday. What happens if I dont receive the QR Code?

    • I filled the PLF twice, Monday aNd Today and still I haven’t received the QR code. I will print the confirmation email and hopefully will be enough. I am traveling Friday, 03.07.

    • I got the QR Code (one for whole family) today for flying 3.7.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        see? 🙂

      • Our travel agency told us we should better fill two PLF forms (each adult) and add children to one. However I do not want face the situation one person will stay somewhere alone.
        So I also wrote THE WHOLE FAMILY on one PLF form and I hope it will be ok…
        We will see…

  48. I was also worried about not receiving the QR code, after filling in the PLF form at 19.00 yesterday(June 30th). But exactly 24 hours later I received the QR code. I live in NL, maybe this has an influence.

    Tip if you do not receive the QR in time, print the confirmation of PLF Submission as proof.

    Stay safe and enjoy your Holiday!

  49. i supposed to have travel tonight From Brindisi to Igoumenitsa. but unfortunately i had to postpone to the 3rd of July. I filled PLF and got i have now to fill a new PLF with the change of date or the one i did will be ok so far only date of arrival is changed? Thanks for the assistance

  50. This form is very spooky in terms of privacy. There is essentially no information about why it is necessary to complete this form (is it only to test for the corona virus?), how it works (how does it determine who gets tested?), what they do with the data once it has done its job, how long it is stored and by which authority. When such sensitive data is stored over an ambiguous (strictly online) form, without the essential information, one can’t help but wonder why it is asked.

    Do they not have privacy laws in Greece? Even if they don’t, this should fall under the European Union privacy laws. There must be other ways to assure citizens’ and travelers’ safety without potentially compromising each and every person traveling to Greece. To travel to Scandinavia for example we presented proof of our addresses when entering but nothing out of the ordinary was stored.
    I was supposed to fly next week with my family but I will definitely cancel if this form is still expected to be submitted.

  51. can somebody please tell, if im flying on 06.08 when do i need to fill in this form? is it before 72 hours and no later than 48 hours? thanks

    • Hi. Minimum 48, there’s no upper limit as far as I could tell, and the current version is valid between July 1st – July 15th. The code arrives one or two days before your trip day.

  52. This is soooo f***ed up…

    2 days ago I re-did the PLF-process for me and my wife (she has a different las name), with all the data being the same (adress etc) but with a different email (but same provider).

    She received her QR yesterday evening, I am still waiting. I even used two different emails with a gap of 30hrs…

    Now people say, that whoever arrives at Patras or Igoumentzia WITHOUT the QR (but with the conformation email) is going to be tested anyway by authorities in biohazard suits… only if you can provide the QR you are free to leave the port…

    Greece is Greece…

  53. Panagiotis Mpalourdos

    I just talked to the General Secretariat of Civil Security in Greece which has issued the PLF form. I have sent a request but no QR code so far after 26 hours. They told me to print the confirmation email in order to have no problems. I suggest you to make a phone call to them to the following number 0030210335…and make complaints for all this bloody mess that have caused

    • keeptalkinggreece

      sorry can’t allow posted phone number here. but people can to to the website and check for contact phone or email

  54. Don’t know if this will prove to be a problem. We found the PLF form somewhat unclear and have ended up submitting 2 incomplete ones prior to finally (we think) getting our 3rd attempt fully detailed and correct. Don’t know if each one will get us a separate QR code, or whether the last one will override the other two or if they’ll all perhaps get rejected. There doesn’t appear to be any mechanism to allow us to delete the 1st two forms or to give any notification to anyone that this is the situation.
    Also concerned that the timetable is such that these QR codes will be sent out on only the day before we are due to travel. Doesn’t give much scope for anything going wrong !!

  55. Hi all, im planning a trip to Corfu from Vienna on 13.7. landing there in the evening and returning back immediately the next morning (14.7.) so i didn´t book any accomodation because I really dont need an accomodation for a couple of hours spent in Corfu and dont want to book one just becaouse they require it on the passeger locator form…. Any advice how to cope with that? I just wanted to take a flight as flight ticket prices were quite cheap and I really love flying so thats why just such a short (maybe weird) trip. But they require adress of accomodation during your stay in Greece. What should I do now ? Any ideas? Thx

  56. Hello, i got no QR code yet, however my plane will arrive tomorrow to Athens. i filled the form 5 days ago. whatb can i do do be able to enter the country?

  57. Hi,
    I’m travelling tomorrow to Chania. I submitted the PLF on Monday, nevertheless, I still didn’t receive QR code. I probably called every possible institution to ask what to do. Everyone told me to wait, but it’s frustrating. Do you think the PLF submission will be enough or I should resign?

  58. I’m supposed to be travelling tomorrow with three other people but none of us have QR codes yet. We filled in three different forms with separate email addresses last weekend, and all got confirmation messages, but none of us have the QR codes yet, so I’m hoping they will arrive later today – otherwise it sounds like it’s already too late because of the 48 hour advance needed.

    Any information or advice would be welcomed.

  59. Chrissie Hamilton

    We travel to Crete from Canada. Filled in the form weeks ago. Another flaw was the address of the emergency contact. It asks for YOUR address. Seems like a total cock up to me.

  60. Hello. I will be arriving in Rhodes on August 1 at 9 pm and I have a ferry August 2 at 7 am to go to another island of the Dodekanese. I will not be staying in Rhodes 24 hours. What about if I will be selected for testing and I must stay 24 hours in isolation? Shall I put the address in Rhodes or the other island in the PLF? Thank You. All the besy

  61. Has anyone in the baove comments now travelled and can share their expeirence with the code etc. on arrival and, if i worked, hwo they approached the form?

    I am travelling with my wife and 2 kids on 24 July, and, going off the above comments, have no idea how to do the form or how many to submit.

  62. If after filling out the PLF form all truthfully with passport info from banned country such as the US, would they still send a confirmation email and code? I assume they would not, but my Mother did and they sent her confirmation email and she entered fine with taking a test. She said the code was the most important and it determines if you get tested.

    • How did she fill out the form? did she list the flight from the US as the first flight or did she list the last flight before entering Greece?

  63. I filled out the form for myself, got the confirmation email no problem. Filled it out for my partner but no confirmation email. Tried again several hours later and no email confirmation.

    Alternatively, could it be that I put my partner as travelling with me on my form and we don’t actually need a seaprate PLF so it’s ignoring it (I don’t think it would be that sophisticated so as to pick that up to be honest)

  64. Hello, is there a way to update the data inserted in the PLF after submission? i saw my age was reported wrong in the confirmation email.

    • No there’s not and I did exactly the same thing and simply juts re submitted it with the correct age.As a matter of fact i’ve also re submitted twice as I also realised that it’s one form per passenger except children under 18.The whole thing is a total shambles and so misleading that there must be errors all over the place but hey all you can do is fill the damn thing out as best as you can and then leave it to them to hopefully sort out these damn codes

      • iv had to resubmit 6 times iv had emails back . but still have to do all 12 again as done it wrong so confusing , question …. if someone can advise me please i have 12 going on 19th 4 from my household 7 from my sons and 1 family friend who is 16 where do i add her ? pplpease help . im assuming i do a family one per family adding my son and daughter in law to that and one for hubby i dont no

  65. Hi – I completed a form and included one family member – my husband and two travel companions/non same household. I have read on some sites that each adult has to do their own form but I don’t understand why it gives you the option to add others if you need to do a separate one. Getting desperate as we fly tomorrow and been on hold to the Greek embassy in London for over an hour.

  66. Hello! I try to submit my form but it says error at the end. Please someone help me;what’s the problem because I can’t travel!!!!

  67. I just completed the form and went to view the PDF to check, and my age is incorrect! I’m certain I entered it correctly and checked, although it is not impossible I’m wrong, am I able to redo the form (that is, complete a second form) in order to amend this error? Editing the completed form doesn’t appear to be an option, and contact details in such a case are nowhere to be found. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Also have an incorrect form! It’s looking like the only option is to do another one.
      There are not contact details anywhere – let me know if you find anything to the contrary please!

  68. Me and my partner are due to go to Rhodes next month and I’m trying to get a head start on this stuff in case of any problems. Clicked on the .gov link for the form but can’t even see it. It says the page has loaded but it’s a blank page. Has anyone else had the same problem?

  69. My parents were denied boarding by Ryanair, because children did not had individual PLF. Instead they were as companions on PLF of their parents. So be careful, each person (even 5 years old) must have separate document.

    • That’s strange. We (a family of three) filled in just one plf form. I added my wife and daughter as travel compagnon on the form. This was accepted by our carrier (Aegean) and customs. We were selected for a test and the whole family was tested without any complaints about the form. We traveled from Dusseldorf tot Tessaloniki and from Tessaloniki to Heraklion on July 20.

      • can i ask on the form which order do you do the flights in..i am travelling frankfurt to athens and athens to kos

    • it states one for per family

  70. How do you get the form to accept corfu postcode 49100 ???????

  71. Hi there,

    I tried to fill out the form but it only accepts x2 Letters and 4 numbers as the flight number. We are flying with Tui Airways which has x3 letters followed by x4 Numbers. How do you suggest we solve this?


  72. Hi I am travelling to Corfu on 2nd Aug from Manchester with my family, I have completed the required forms but we have now had to change hotels so my address will now be different, can I amend the form or do I just complete 3 new forms…thanks

  73. Just hit this issue. Did you manage to sort it?



  74. I have filled out the form and put in my details and my wifes – but did not see where to put in my daughters details so she is not on the form – please advise – I got the confirmation email with just the 2 adults on it.

  75. OK Found it. On the family member page there is a button to add as many family members you want. It’s where you add the children

  76. Hello,

    If we have 2 flights, with connection
    Buch athens
    Athens santorini

    How do i fill the form? What flight number do I add? The 1st one or the 2nd?
    Which is the entry point?
    Do i tick internal flight option and add a 2nd one?

    Please advise . Thanks a lot

  77. I’m just about to complete the PLF online, and have read the “Protocol for Air Arrivals”. It seems to say (on my reading)
    “Travelers should be laboratory tested with RT-PCR of oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swab.
    Only travelers who carry a certificate of a negative RT-PCR test result will be allowed by the border authorities to enter the country. The certificates should be written in English and bear the name and passport/national ID number of the traveler.”
    However, this appears under a banner relating to Romania and Bulgaria. Do We need to be tested?
    Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks very much, Leighton.

  78. There was no box for me to add my children and I cannot change the orginal form. Do I do another one or hope for the best when we take the flight on Thursday?

  79. We arrived today at Thessaloniki. Austrian Airlines from Vienna
    We filled only one form for the entire family (wife, kid, me). There were NO issues at all with having 3 family members on one form! You can go ahead…

  80. I was filling out the PLF form online but it doesn’t recognise my postcode so I cant complete it online. I found one that I can write on, do I need to post it to someone or can I bring this to the airport with my filled out? What should I do I am travelling with my partner too were not married but we live together I assume I only need to complete the form once per household?

    • I am also travelling with my daughter and husband – they have the same name and mine is different. We were advised by a relative in Greece to complete a PLF for each family named person and to assume household means same-named family members only. This was because a family friend was today denied travel due to having a different name from her partner and child and no evidence of marriage (e.g. certificate). So, I have created my own PLF, and my husband and same surname child are on another. No idea if it is needed but thought better to be on the safe side than having different family names as a ‘household’. Not travelling until 13th but will comment here if any issue afterwards.

    • I omitted the gap between the 2 parts of my postcode, then it worked.

  81. We’re staying in 3 places, including a yacht during our 2 week stay. I can only enter 2 locations. One hotel doesn’t have a road name, as it’s in a small town, Poulithra.
    Also, I cannot add our 2 children – it only allows two people to be entered on the form, but there are 4 of us.

  82. If you want to add more family members, keep clicking on “Add Family Member” and new spaces appear for their details.

    I have found that you can amend a PLF by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top right hand corner of the screen, going to My Dashboard, and editing the form.

    Still not sure if my husband and I need separate forms though…

    • Did you get an answer to this? Do we each need to complete a form or is the fact that I have named my husband on my form, albeit no passport number or middle name or initial is asked for him, sufficient for both of us.


    Just to shed some light on the procedure.
    This is what I understand since I am very close to this technology.
    There is a script running every day at midnight and process all flights of the next day.
    Now the process is some type of simple algorithm to process the answers of your form based on some predefined criteria.
    So, it process all documents submitted and at the same time sends emails automatically.
    This is a guess, not an official answer.
    I hope this helps.

  84. Can anyone help? I have filled in and submitted my PLF form and now Jet2 have changed the flight numbers. I cannot edit/amend the PLF form In have submitted.

  85. Hi Tracey
    if you go onto the gov/gr plf site in the top right corner there are three white lines, click on that and you are given four options, click on dashboard and it will bring a link to your plf showing the date submitted etc.
    at the far right of that there is a pen sign so just click on the pen and you can edit your plf.

  86. I still don’t know whether my husband and i need to be on one form as my son flew from manchester with easyjet and they were asking for separate ones for all everyone !
    May just be easyjet and we fly with jet2 so i hope one form is okay

  87. Hi, maybe someone can help me with this weird problem. I’m filling out the form for my mother, everything is fine until we have to fill in the temporary address in Greece. Zip code it will take, but when I click on Greece the state/province field dissapears. If I put any other country in it is there. Has anyone had this problem? I tried several browsers, all the same. On her confirmation e-mail the information is empty on state/province so I think that I should fill it in but there’s no option for it. Hope you can help.