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The Great Walk: Protesters vandalize new “anti-graffiti” planters in Athens

A group of protesters vandalized flower boxes newly installed in the center of Athens as part of the Great Walk project. They sprayed slogans on the boxes and even removed and overturned one. The tin planters were praised by the Athens Municipality as “anti-graffiti” and “up to one-tonne heavy” to avoid been damaged by the usual “vandals” during protests.

From the Athens University up Syntagma Square all flower boxes were sprayed with graffiti.



Many Greeks held a “party” on Twitter mocking the “anti-graffiti” planters.

“It’s not vandalism, it’s quality check, sir.”

“Antigraffiti planters”

However, the anti-graffiti material is something that prohibits the color of been absorbed and it can be removed with special chemicals.

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis condemned the vandalism and posted a video showing municipal crews removing the graffiti with special cleaning material.

“After the desecration of the monument to the dead of Marfin, the next “revolutionary” act was the vandalism of the urban equipment of the Great Walk. Those who try to destroy and tear down are in vain. We will continue to build and dream of a better Athens. PS The planters have been cleaned, Bakoyannis wrote.

The protest on Tuesday was held against the government bill to limit rights to public gatherings.

More protests are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

The Great Walk Project has been sharply criticized due to interventions in the center of Athens that cause immense troubles to commuters, for its high cost and for recklessness in its planning that includes zero provision for watering of the new planted plants and trees.

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