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Counterfeit certificates of “negative” Covid-19 test circulate at Promachonas

Counterfeit documents certifying a “negative” Covid-19 test are reportedly sold at Promachonas border-crossing with Bulgaria, hours before the mandatory “negative” test goes into effect Tuesday midnight.

According to a report broadcast by Mega TV, intensive inspections carried out in the border area have shown that there is a “new business” underway and this is the sale of counterfeit certificates to those intending to cross into Greece for vacations.

Apparently some tourists have carried such certificates with them and shown them to Greek authorities in order to avoid a test at the Promachonas borders as well as a self-isolation of 24-36 hours and a quarantine in a special hotel up to 14 days, if the test turns positive.

These certificates indicate that the person who carries it has been tested “negative” to Covid-19.

Such a certificate is sold between 30 and 40 euros.

According to the report, there are people who have such certificates issued by not certified laboratories, change the names and the other essential data and sell them to those intending to travel into Greece.

Greek authorities are reportedly aware of the bogus certificates and plan to conduct random tests also to those who show one at the borders.

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  1. Grahame Chambers

    It’s amazing , the level that some people will fall to in order to make money – a complete lack of respect for humanity, it’s disgusting.

    • Bulgaria is a known centre for fraud in the EU and has been selling handheld machines to create fake Schengen visa codes for over 10 years, not to mention all the other documents and frauds that can be easily bought there.

  2. Those caught carrying false certificates should get 6 months in prison, deported after serving sentence and banned from Greece for life.

  3. Let it be known to ALL who try to use counterfeit testing to enter this beautiful country of Greece… that they will be banned from entering ever again. Go after the people who believe that paying 40 Euros for a fraudulent test is acceptable. They apparently have no concern for the Greek people who sacrificed months of isolation and rules to protect those most susceptible. They should not be welcome in Greece with this mindset.