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Police dismantles gang for selling forged art works for millions of euros

Police on the island of Crete has arrested five people for attempting to sell a forged paining for 12 million euros. The five are facing charges for selling bogus art works attributed to famous artist like Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and others. Τhe bogus art works painted …

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Bogus Rapid tests: Pharmacist, police & army officers arrested in N Greece

A pharmacist, two police officers and eight members of the Armed forces are among those sixteen people arrested in Orestiada, north-eastern Greece, for bogus certificates of negative Rapid Tests essential for going to work and social activities. According to media reports, the pharmacist was supplying customers with fake certificates showing …

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Another case of bogus Olive Oil: Authorities warn consumers

Greek authorities have seized 3,700 liters of bogus olive oil. Instead of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the bottles and canisters contained sunflower oil or other seeds oils and color substances that were dangerous for consumption. It is unknown how many liters of the bogus olive oil have reached the market. …

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Greek Aerospace Industry manager charged for submitting bogus master’s degree

Ι have to admit: clowns do not exist only within the International Monetary Fund but also within Greece. And thus in highest ranks of the administration. I don’t know the hiring criteria for the IMFs. But the Greek clowns are hired based mostly on political party affiliation and other nepotism …

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