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Doctor in public hospital suspected of “bogus vaccinations” to anti-vaxxers

A doctor at a public hospital is being accused of organizing bogus vaccinations to anti-vaxxers to facilitate them obtaining vaccination certificates. The unprecedented incident took place at Asklipieio Hospital in Voula, southern Athens on Sunday, the hospital workers union POEDIN revealed on Thursday.

According to the report, the doctor, an orthopedic at the hospital, went to the vaccination center of the hospital on Sunday  and asked the nurse in charge to allow him to vaccinate five of his friends who had made appointments.

After the first jab, the nurse allegedly saw that the doctor had thrown the vial to the trash bin and alerted the other staff.

An argument started and the doctor allegedly left with two vials in his pocket.

The nurse filed a report against him, some staff claimed that they even saw him to let the vaccine fluid running down the man’s arm, other said that he was against the vaccines.

The hospital launched an urgent internal investigation and terminated the doctor’s contract, the health ministry has been set on alert.

Speaking to, the 50-year-old doctor denied any wrong doing and said that his friends – 3 men and 2 women- only wanted him to administer the jab because they were afraid and trusted him.

The doctor, a father of two, admitted he had no vaccine so far, because “he was sick and had a heart condition.” He added that his parents, wife and children were vaccinated and stressed that he was not a vax-denier.

The man did shifts at the vaccination center of the hospital also in the recent past but on that Sunday he was off duty. He arrived with his 5 friends who had previously made the appointments at the usual 15-minute intervals and were registered in the automatic registration system.

According to media, authorities suspect that the incident is link to illegal efforts to issue vaccination certificates with bogus vaccination or even part of a illegal gang providing anti-vaxxers with what they need, in a country experiencing a resurgence of Covid-19 infections and a government promising “perks” to vaccinated citizens and “punishment” to unvaccinated.

Investigation has also to prove whether the doctor had received money for the bogus vaccines.

The doctor is reportedly on the run, still on Thursday, as police did not manage to arrest him in the first 48 hours after the incident.

A case file against him has been formed for violating the measures to contain the spread of the virus and attempted theft of a false certificate.

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  1. So certificate does not really prove person received vaccine. We should invalidate all certificates he issued, until all patients are re-vaccinated!