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Another case of bogus Olive Oil: Authorities warn consumers

Greek authorities have seized 3,700 liters of bogus olive oil. Instead of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the bottles and canisters contained sunflower oil or other seeds oils and color substances that were dangerous for consumption. It is unknown how many liters of the bogus olive oil have reached the market.

According to a statement by Greek Food Authority EFET, the bogus olive oil was been produced in two facilities of company ELAIOURGIKI IONIAS SA in the wider area of Neochorouda in the Metropolitan area of Thessaloniki and Diavata, Northern Greece.

“Instead of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as indicated on the packages, the bottles and canisters contained large quantities of seed oil with the addition of color substances, EFET said.

The bogus olive oil was in the market under the brand name “ELIARROS” and “BEVELLINI, “FAROS” and “LIATIKO”.

In the first two brand names, lab tests showed they contained a very high percentage of  seed oil, while tests conducted in the last two showed that the extra virgin oils were in fact adulterated with a very large proportion of seed oil artificially colored.

The bogus oils were available in plastic bottles of 1 and 5 liters as well as in tin containers of 3, 4 and 5 liters.

Authorities seized 1,200 liters of colored seed oil that was not packaged yet as well as 2,500 liters in packages of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil.”

EFET is calling on consumers to not use there products if they have already purchased them.

Pictures published by EFET.

The bogus olive oil facility: Video released by Greek Police

The 74-year-old owner of the facility and his 30-year-old son have been arrested.

It is the second case of bogus olive oil in the last few weeks. End of November, police arrested seven people on charges of altering sunflower oil into olive oil. The company was also exporting the fake products abroad, in several European countries.

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