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Greek & German “quack doctors” charged for MS patients’ deaths

A bogus doctor in Greece and his accomplice, a doctor in Germany, have been tricking patients with Multiple Sclerosis convincing them to stop their medication for his alleged “groundbreaking” treatment with fake stem cells injections that were consisting of pure water.

Five patients have died.

The criminal duet has collected around one million euros in the last seven years of its operation.

Following a lengthy investigation, the Greek “doctor” has been charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault, attempted murder, aggravated assault and fraud.

The 66-year-old man is a physiotherapist from Athens who was looking for his potential victims all over Greece and introduced himself as a “neurologist.” His victims would visit him at his “doctor office” in village Kalyvia in south-east Attica.

He is accused of five cases of death, while other cases, at least 15 in total, are pending as investigation reportedly continues.

A 72-year-old doctor in Baden-Württemberg in south Germany, has been also charged with the same acts as accomplice of the Greek. The Greek was accompanying his victims to the German doctor who would introduced himself as “geneticist” with his own clinic.

Speaking to protothema, one of the victims said the the fraudsters would sell him drugs worth 15 euros for €200.

“I lost 35,000 euros that he took from me for the medicines that were placebo. Imagine that each injection he brought me cost 18,000 euros. The German supposedly brought the preparations in nitrogen to impress,” the victim revealed.

“It was like watching Hollywood movie. Some preparations he brought from Russia were charged 1000 euros for 5. That is, 200 euros each. And afterwards we found out from my mother that these cost 15 euros each.”

The victim said that he was diagnosed in 2009 and was one of the first victims of the criminals. When he suspected a fraud he filed a complained. “When somebody gives you a treatment and you start feeling miserable, then there is something wrong,” he said adding that research he did revealed that the German doctor was not the one he claimed to be.

When he filed the complaint, “I started receiving threat phone calls by people who claimed they were policemen,” the man added.

The profit they are accused of making from each desperate patient suffering from the incurable disease, amounts to several tens of thousands of euros, and in some cases up to 200,000 euros only by a single patient.

Samples of the vials he allegedly administered were sent for laboratory analysis and were found to have absolutely no medicinal properties, as stated in the findings report.

The first complaint against the bogus doctor was reportedly filed by the brother  of a deceased victim to Police in Thessaloniki in 2021. The victim was in “fake treatment” by the criminal “doctors” for some two years. the ‘fake treatment” cost 65,000 euros.

The case file filed against the fake doctor by the Thessaloniki Organized Crime Prosecution Sub-Directorate of the Hellenic Police. It was already forwarded to the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki and criminal proceedings were brought against him.

In 2022, another Greek bogus doctor was sentenced 8 times to life plus another 50 years in prison for causing the death of cancer patients, among them minors, to whom he would sell for thousands of euros fake medicines after he convinced them to stop their medical treatment.

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  1. What utterly vile creatures, they need to be locked up for the rest of their lives.

    MS is a disorder also known a “the great mimic”. I would recommend anyone with apparent symptoms of MS to check and understand their body’s Vit B12 status.