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Greece sends stern warning to Turkey on 46. anniversary of the Cyprus invasion

For 46 years Turkey has been illegally occupying a part of the territory of a European Union member. On 20. July 1974, Turkish troops invaded Cyprus and have been staying there, ever since, with Ankara to not show any intention to withdraw the troops. Without withdrawal from Cyprus, Turkey does not have the slightest chance to ever become member of the EU.

Greece’s political leadership sent stern warning to Turkey on the 46. anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

“Forty-six years after the Turkish invasion, the wound of Cyprus still bleeds,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Monday.

“Unfortunately, the sky of the entire region is being filled by more and more clouds of provocations by the same culprit,” Mitsotakis added.

“A series of aggressive actions are now being added to the illegal occupation of European territory, challenging the sovereign rights of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus. Acts that violate international law, landmines for stability and security in the Mediterranean. Also unhistorical decisions, insults to the global culture, such as the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The anniversary of shame, instead of provoking a redemptive self-criticism in Turkey, finds it slipping further from legitimacy, Europe and the values of the 21st century. In the face of these events, Hellenism reacts with maturity and determination, with faith in justice and the resumption of a dialogue that will bring a lasting solution to the island…” the prime minister noted.

Mitsotakis concluded: “Forty-six years later, we do not forget the slogan ‘I do not forget.’ We are fighting for a united and European Cyprus. For a Greece that will progress with the law as its compass, in harmony with its neighbours. And for a Mediterranean of fertile peace. Forty-six years later, we will not allow forgetting to become an obstacle to a solution.”

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias warned Turkey in a statement saying “We will never compromise with the consequences of the Turkish invasion.

,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said on Monday in a statement on the 46th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on July 20, 1974, which led to the occupation of more than a third of the island.

“For forty-six years, Hellenism has been experiencing the drama of the missing people, the uprooting of thousands from their homes, the looting and destruction of the Greek and Orthodox heritage, the usurpation of Greek Cypriot property,” he said.

“Forty-six years of violations of the United Nations Security Council resolutions by Turkey. Decisions that, among other things, call on all states to respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus and demand the withdrawal of the occupying troops from its territory.”

Dendias underlined that “today, Greece and Cyprus are facing an ever-increasing and expanding Turkish delinquency, which poses a serious threat to security and stability in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.”
He added that Greece and Cyprus react to Turkish aggression and illegality with the adherence to international legality and international law.

PS and the question remains why the international community, (UN, EU etc) allow Turkey to continue this illegal  the occupation without any consequences.

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  1. With or without troops on Cyprus Turkey should never become a EU member.

  2. The Invasion of Cyprus occupied when the Greek Junta invaded the island, destroyed the 1960 3 year old Republic and ethnically cleansed the Turkish Muslim Population and claimed Enosis. Responding to the Turkish Cypriot request Turkey arrived to save them from Annihilation and remain there through the same invitation. The 1960 Republic is a failed state, the south is under temporary administration through the doctrine of Necessity when no one had jurisdiction to make such a declaration . Cyprus isn’t a Greek territory and never formed part of the 1832 Kingdom of Greece with the only claim Greek posses is in Myth and a referendum by Makarious iii. The EU is a corrupt entity what contrary to its own constitution unilaterally accepted a war torn and divided territory into its membership. The Greeks are untrustworth and a terrorist state.