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Chances for cruise sector in Greece resume in August and September

Heath protocols on cruise passengers do not translate into universal reopening of the cruise sector in Greece in August, President of the Association of Cruise Ship Owners and Maritime Agencies, Theodoros Kontes, said on Monday.

In a statement to state-run news agency amna, Kontes said that the implementation of protocols  does not mean that this will translate into the resumption of the cruise sector in August as it takes a long time for the crews but also for the companies to prepare.

Within the week, the General Secretariat of the Greek Civil Protection is expected to give “green light” to the the European Union coronavirus directives to be observed by passengers and crew on cruise ships in Greek ports.

Kontes said, further, that some small companies have announced that they can start small cruises for three or four days without reaching the Greek ports due to increased measures for the protection of passengers.

Regarding the large cruise ship companies, Kontes said that no company has announced the launch of itineraries in Greece before September.

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