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Chances for cruise sector in Greece resume in August and September

Heath protocols on cruise passengers do not translate into universal reopening of the cruise sector in Greece in August, President of the Association of Cruise Ship Owners and Maritime Agencies, Theodoros Kontes, said on Monday. In a statement to state-run news agency amna, Kontes said that the implementation of protocols  …

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Greece Weather Forecast: Rain, thunderstorms and stormy winds up to 9 B

Local rainfalls, sporadic thunderstorms and gusty winds up to 9 Beaufort in the Aegean Sea are forecast for Friday, September 13, 2019. According to Greek National Meteorological service, rain and thunderstorms are expected in Eastern Thessaly, Eastern Sterea, Evia, possibly the Peloponnese and later in the islands of the Eastern …

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“Kalo Mina” September with 35-37C weakening of winds, local storms

September and in extended sense also autumn set in with fair weather and temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. The summer north winds known as ‘meltemia’ are forecast to weaken. Local rainfalls and thunderstorms are forecast as of Sunday noon and afternoon in the West and North mainland. Slight weakening …

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Bankers see no Greece participation in ECB QE participation before German elections

Senior bank officials hail the provisional agreement between the government and its creditors as a major step toward the normalization of the economy and the credit system but estimate it will take more time for the country to join the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing (QE) program. They note that …

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“EU Source” Claims No €31-Billion Bailout Tranche Before October

The notorious but anonymous “EU source” spoke again. And said that Greece would not receive the €31-billion bailout tranche before upcoming October. Greece has been expecting to receive the financial aid in September, but the EU source claimed Greece’s lenders won’t give any green light to the tranche, before the Eurogroup meeting in …

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