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Clinic employees face criminal misconduct charges over Covid-19 deaths

Managers and medical staff at the Taxiarchai clinic in Peristeri, western Athens, have been charged with criminal misconduct following the rapid spread of coronavirus among elderly patients at the facility in April. 13 of of the 35 infected patients in total died.

Following a weeks-long investigation into the five clinic employees, and interviews with more than 25 witnesses, Court of First Instance prosecutor Nikos Antonarakos brought criminal charges against the five with a trial date yet to be set.

According to sources, the managers and medics insist that the clinic observed all the required health measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The clinic’s official position is that the transmission was provoked by an out-patient who had visited the premises for dialysis treatment, adding that all the subsequent infections were related to the clinic’s artificial kidney department.

The defendants face serious sentences if found guilty of criminal misconduct, ranging from a minimum prison term of 10 years to life.

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