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Zeibekiko in the sea: Creative Greek dances despite restrictions (video)

When restrictions prevent dancing due to coronavirus, reveler and impassioned Greeks are quick to find an alternative. A woman in Kavala used the opportunity for an excellent performance of Zeibekiko in the water, on the music of a live concert at a bar-restaurant above the beach.

It was on Saturday evening, during a concert by famous singer Costas Makedonas. The concert at a known bar-restaurant in Kavala, northern Greece, started early and finish before midnight, and everybody observed the protective measures and restrictions.

According to local media, the concert was a success and it would have been much greater was the audience allowed to get up from their chairs and dance, as it is usual at such events. Damn’d coronavirus restrictions…

However, what is forbidden at land is possible in the sea – as long as there was no crowding.

The music inspired some swimmer enjoying a night swim at the beach of Rapsani. and here is the result:

The lady seems pretty skilled in zeibekiko, the “eagle dance”, even if in very unstable soil and fluid environment.

In older times, the dance used to be reserved strictly for men.

Zeibekiko does not have steps, but only certain figures, a circular movement and occasionally feats such as standing on a glass of wine or even picking up a chair or a table.

Even if she could not perform any of the special feats due to the circumstances, she had definitely more fun than the concert audience that had to stick on their chairs – and maybe move their feet a tiny bit to the tunes.

And here is the full song “Afta ta xeria” _ These Hands of your yours – by Dimitris Basis and Zeibekiko at land….

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  1. How dare she!? 🙂

    Out of curiosity, is plate smashing also part of this dance? Could be a challenge in the sea….