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Heraklio: Police is seeking 2 women who organized anti-masks rally in schools

Greek police in Heraklio is seeking for two women who organized the rally against the compulsory use of masks in schools on Sunday day afternoon, local media report. The call for the anti-masks protest made via social media.

Citing police sources, local news website ekriti reports that the two women aged 30 and 33 have been identified and are wanted following a case file against.

KTG understands that the case file has been filed because the public gathering attended by hundreds of people violated the extraordinary restrictive measures imposed in the Prefecture of Hearaklio on August 31 and until September 15 to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Civil Protection ruling any kind of public events are suspended and public or private gathering with over 9 people are forbidden, while the use of masks is mandatory both in- and outdoors..

Some 500 people gathered at Eleftheria Square in Heraklio to protest against the compulsory use of masks in schools, while similar anti-masks rallies were held by mostly young parents also in other Greek cities.

In Chania where also restrictive measures have been imposed, the protesters set masks on fire, jumped over the fires and danced. It is obvious that they did not wear masks or kept social distancing.

According to local zarpanews, the protesters were parents who had taken also their children to the event had had them raise posters such as “Breathing is a right.”

The anti-masks protests took place a week before schools open in Greece on September 14.

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias called on protesting parents to go to hospitals and visit children suffering from leukemia or other health issues and see that they wear a mask all through the day without any breathing problem.

“The mask protects from the viruses and from COVID -19  and is an important tool in the battle against this disease,” Kikilias said adding  “I respect every citizen’s reaction and, of course, of the parents but I want to say that the mask protects us and this is scientifically documented. Anyone can have an opinion but I am obliged to say and support what the science says.”

Of course, some people wonder where was the police on Sunday and why did it allow the protest with dozens of participants take place.

Had they fined just a few participant with 150 euros as the law provides, the gathering would be dissolved in zero time and the ordinary Greek would not wonder whether the state and the government apply double standards regarding the observance of the anti-coronavirus measures.

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  1. Considering all the bs riots going on in the States and the level of this Wuhan virus staying pretty much the same. The people saying go ahead and riot but no, hair salons open, gym etc. I am beginning to suspect the gov’t(s) have no idea what they are doing and the science is running to catch up to the mouth pieces.