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Oversized masks: Greek parents at risk to pick up wrong kid from school

When Greece’s epidemiologists and the country’s Education Ministry agreed on the compulsory use of face masks in schools, a heated debate broke out, with teachers and parents demanding that the masks are distributed free of charge. Ultimately, the Ministry stepped back and promised that each student will be given 2 free masks. Over the weekend it was clear, that each student will have one free mask.

Today, schools opened and each child found one free mask next to its books and a water flask.

Here is the result: Two in One!

Oversized masks that could cover the face of not one but two children and maybe one parent!

The Epic Fail cheered the Greek social media with parents posting pictures of their kids with the monstrous pieces of clothes.

Some commented that the size fits to cover the whole family, other founds alternative use as tablecloths, boat sails or hammock.

Cute Detail: Note the Greek flag at the side.

This mask below was given to a pre-school kid.

Some even suggested that the mask if per desk and not per child. “One child will hang the mask on left ear, the other child on the right one.”

They warned that it will be very easy for parents to pick up the wrong kid from school.

The Greek Interior Ministry funded with 6.5 million euros the masks that were ordered and distributed to schools by the Federation of Greek Municipalities KEDE, as Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos said on a tweet.

“The Interior Ministry financed with 6.2 million euros KEDE, which in a short time responded with transparency & efficiency in the supply of masks and their distribution throughout the country. The Greeks together, we do our best especially in the difficult times!”

According to Education Ministry instructions allege that the masks ought to have two cotton layers, fit for children aged 4-10 with the size 12×20 and 15×25 for children over 10 years old.

Average single-use masks I have at home are 9×16 and multiple-use cotton masks 8×18. The latter are one size bigger for my cute head.

Deputy Education Minister Sofia Zacharaki told Alpha TV that everything was too quickly and there were obviously some mistakes that will be corrected.” She said that the size instructions were given by the committee but she did not clarify which one.

A total of 1.6 million masks were distributed in schools on Monday. Zacharaki said that this was the first batch and implied the next batch will have the correct size.

Some Greek parody accounts claim that the problem lies not on the size of the masks but on the size of the kids’ heads.

Later in the evening the General Secretariat of Public Health said in a statement that the given dimensions were referring to the size of fabric before it was sewn into a mask.

And this is what we get when bureaucrats and health experts interfere in the work of tailors…

PS At the end of the day, maybe conspiracy theorists, including most probably also some local OVIDIOTS were right to reject masks fearing that the international Covid-plot gang would hide in a face protection all possible means to surveillance and enslave us as the parody video below shows.

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  1. Fail.

    Not only is it a complete fail from a practical point of view, oversized mask won’t offer much protection either. Enough space for virus particle to escape or to enter.

  2. The video left me in tears of laughter! Thank you.