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Six restrictive measures in Attica, incl use of mask when crowding outdoors

Greece’s Civil Protection tightened the restrictive measures in the region of Attica to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The measures include the mandatory use of masks in work places of the private and public sector but also outdoors where crowding is inevitable.

During the live briefing on Tuesday evening, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said that based on the epidemiological risk criteria, with 3 daily case per 100,000 people,  Attica is currently between moderate and high level of risk. In addition, there is an increased burden on Covid-19 ICU beds (> 60% with increasing tendencies) and the high population density.

The measures are therefore both precautionary and repressive, the Civil Protection said in a statement.

Effective as of Wednesday, September 16 until September 30, 2020, the measures are:

The use of masks is defined as mandatory in all closed workplaces (public and private), as well as in all open gathering places (eg squares, bus stops, queues in shops, rallies & demonstrations, political party events) , where the rule of distance of 1.5 meters can not be observed. Strong recommendation for mask use in all other open spaces.

In all concerts that take place in open spaces, there is a 50% occupancy limit, an obligation for watching exclusively by seated people, obligatory use of a mask, prohibition of alcohol and smoking.

Operation of live music entertainment facilities is suspended for 14 days.

Operation of summer and winter cinemas and theaters: there is a 60% occupancy limit and mandatory use of a mask during the entrance and exit as well as during the performances.

Operation of the open markets (laiki) is determined at 50% capacity, with obligatory use of a mask for sellers and consumers, with a distance of 3 meters between the stands and with the possibility of parallel operation of the market in the same area within the same week..

A limit of 6 seated people per table at restaurants, cafes etc. remains.

The rule of 50 people at all gatherings remains in force.

Retail shops opening hours remains at 10.00 am, with the exception of supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores, and other food stores

For all mandatory measures, systematic inspections will be carried out by the Coordination Center against Covid-19 and fines will be imposed on companies and individuals who do not comply.

Hardalias urged people over 65 years old to wear masks both in closed and open spaces and avoid going to banks, utility companies and other closed places where many people gather.


Nikos Hardalias announced that the region of Trikala is being placed under epidemiological surveillance as of 06:00 Wednesday Sept 16.

The measures imposed in Trikala are: 

operation of restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities is banned from midnight until 7:00 am the following morning.

a maximum of 50 people allowed at public social events and gatherings.

Fines for those who do not comply.

Civil Protection press release for Attica is here

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