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Helicopter carrying Greek Deputy Defense Minister harassed by Turkey

The helicopter carrying Deputy Defense Minister, Nikos Hardalias, to the island of Agios Efstratios was harassed by Turkish authorities on Friday. The helicopter was flying in the direction of the island on Friday when the pilots heard on the communication radio “You are flying in area under control of FIR …

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Fenerbahce players waived through although infected? Greek officers use “burner phones”?

Daily Efimerida Ton Syntakton alleged on Wednesday that by order of the head of Civil Protection members of a Turkish basketball team were allowed in the country without obligatory quarantine although they had symptoms of Covid-19. In the published text messages between officials at the Athens airport, it is further …

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Six restrictive measures in Attica, incl use of mask when crowding outdoors

Greece’s Civil Protection tightened the restrictive measures in the region of Attica to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The measures include the mandatory use of masks in work places of the private and public sector but also outdoors where crowding is inevitable. During the live briefing on Tuesday evening, …

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Civil Protection: Number of infections in first August week led to additional measures

In his weekly briefing on the course of the pandemic in Greece, Head of Civil Protection and Deputy Minister for Crises Management Nikos Hardalias stated that there have been 961 confirmed coronavirus cases last week and that this “fact that led to the government’s decision to impose additional measures in …

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Greek experts: Recent spike is cause of concern; some new measures

The recent spike in coronavirus cases in Greece is cause for concern, professor for Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras, representative of the Health Ministry, and head of Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias said during a live press conference on Tuesday evening, the day were a new jump with 121 new cases …

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