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Weekly Covid-tests for unvaccinated workers at food service, tourism in high risk islands

Unvaccinated workers in food service, tourism businesses and ships will have to do two Covid-19 tests per week at their own expenses, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Thursday.

The measures goes into force from Saturday, July 17, 2021 and will be implemented in areas with high epidemiological load.

Hardalias named these regions as:

Mykonos, Heraklio (Crete), Rethymno, Io, Santorini and Paros.

The measure is expected to be implemented also in regions with increased epidemiological surveillance (Level …)

One of the tests will be a self test and the other a Rapid test and the result must be registered in the ERGANI platform for businesses, Hardalias said at the live-briefing on Thursday evening.

The weekly cost for the unvaccinated workers will be 6-7 euros for a self-test obtained at the pharmacy for 6-7 euros and another 20 euros for a Rapid test that must be carried out at a health center or similar facility or laboratory.
Several islands as well as Heraklio and Rethymno on Crete experience a surge of coronavirus infections in the last two weeks.

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  1. Yeah, let’s do this with self tests… Even better, just enter the results in the webform without doing the test…. wait… I am pretty sure that is what will happen

    On a side note, I am wondering why self tests are that expensive in Greece. I paid 54 cent for my last tests in Germany from the supermarket.

  2. Greek government is acting like a beggar. Workers pay health insurance, tests should be covered.