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Bully fathers beat teachers in Greece’s schools over use of mask

A father attacked the principal of an elementary school in Heraklio, Crete, on Thursday morning, because his child had to wear a mask to attend classes.

The student’s father appeared in the elementary school without a mask. Teachers told him that ought to wear a mask and he started shouting “Leave me, call the police!”

He then went to the principal’s office where he shouted to protest the compulsory use of a mask in schools

He asked the principal to take off her mask and when she refused, he grabbed her mask and slapped her in the face.

The principal in shock called her colleagues to help her, while the father left the school.

“I am a teacher. I see his son crying after the incident and I cry too,” the school principal told Creta24.

In a similar incident caused by another mask-denier on the first school day on Monday, a student’s father beat a teacher on the head in a high school in Chania.

The teacher was distributing masks to the students, the child refused to take one. They were talking to each other, when the father grabbed the teacher from the shoulder and butted the teacher on the face.

The teacher got two stitches at the hospital and filed a law suit against the 39-year-old bully.

The father was arrested in express procedures and taken to judge. He was sentenced to 14 months in prison with suspension and a fine of 400 euros as a donation to the school.

Teachers complain about the attacks saying that their role is not to play policemen to comply with the measures to contain the spread of the virus.

The use of masks by teachers and students is compulsory in schools across Greece,

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  1. It is obvious that these so-called “fathers” do not possess more than a couple of functioning neurons. No respect for their fellow citizens. Quite neurotic.

  2. Angelos Eleftheriou Kenos

    As a Hellenic Αustralian, I am disgusted by these mentally deficient thugs who attack teachers, even a female teacher. Such decent men. Do you beat your wives as well? Is it true that you are actually anarchists?

    If they do not like the law they can go live in Donald Trump’s back yard or closer, Turkey