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Coronavirus infections in Greece exceed 15K: 170 new cases, 7 more deaths, intubations increase

Greece recorded 170 new coronavirus cases, 7 more deaths and 13 new intubations of Covid-19 patients in the last 24 hours, health authorities announced  on Sunday evening.

Total infections exceeded 15,000 and reached 15,142. Death toll rose to 338.

15 of the new cases have been detected among tourists and 33 are linked to known clusters.

The data are typical for weekend with fewer tests than in week days.

Fewer tests in the past 24 hours, with a high rate of positive and at the same time also a shocking increase of intubations in hospital ICUs, in the past 24 hours: 13 intubations in total.Among the latest intubations are one patient of the age group 18-39 and 7 form the age group 40-64.

Also worrying is that 7 Covid-patients lost their lives from Saturday to Sunday. One of the deceased was in the age group 40-64.

There is reportedly a worrying increase in the number of patients who need treatment in the Intensive Care Units. As a result, there is a great deal of pressure on the health system on a daily basis, in particular in the Intensive Care Units(ICUs) and Special Infection Units (ICUs) where patients with covid-19 are treated.

For one more day the majority of the domestic cases have been recorded in Attica.

Number of infections and hospitalizations doubled in the last two weeks, after large parts of residents in Greek capital Athens and the broader Attica region returned from summer vacations, said Gkikas Mayorkinis, health ministry spokesman at the weekly live briefing on Friday.

Of the 4049 active infections, 2100 are in Attica.

Stricter additional measures to contain the spread for Attica, go in force as of Monday, Sept 21 and for 14 days.

Official data September 20

According to the official daily bulletin on Sunday,  2591(17.1%) of the total cases are related to travel abroad and 6348(41.9%) are related to already known infection case.

55.7% of the infected are men.

The number of intubated patients in ICUs rose to 78 from 65 on Saturday. Their average age is 68, among them are 24 women. 70.5% have underlying health problems or are aged over 70.

177 people have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

Seven more deaths in the last 24 hours increased death toll to 338.  Of the deceased 126 were women. The average age of the deceased was 78 and 96.4% of the deceased had an underlying condition or/and was over 70 years old.

Rolling weekly average cases at 273 from 249 last week.

Total tests since begin of outbreak are 1,202,213.

Tests in the last 24 hours: 8,200 with 2.07% of them positive.

Daily growth at +1.1%.

Geographical distribution September 20

Of the 170 new coronavirus cases, 33 are related to known clusters and 12 were detected at the country’s entry points.

12 of the new cases were detected at entry points; another 3 travelers already in the country sought laboratories after they developed symptoms.

The remaining cases are:

89 in Attica

11 Thessaloniki

22 Samos (21 in Refugee & Migrants center)

4 in Pieria

3 in Pella

2 in Corinth

Each 1 in Kalymnos, Ioannina, Trikala

19 under investigation

September 20: Map of infections in the last ten days, according to regional units – based on infected permanent or temporary residence – more charts here in pdf in Greek.

Worth noting is that school classes in 20 schools across the country have been were suspended due infections confirmed among teaching personnel and students. 17 of these school classes are reportedly  in Attica, the remaining 3 in schools in Pyrgos, Trikala and Serres.

More information about coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Hey, something is very wrong here in the statistics! You say total infections 15142 but later on you say 63487 already known cases(419%)?? What is this???