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New coronavirus cases in Greece jump to 416; another 5 deaths

New coronavirus cases jumped to 416, health authorities announced on Tuesday evening adding that 5 more Covid-19 patients died in the last 24 hours. The 416 cases are practical an all time record of daily cases in Greece since the outbreak late February. Last Monday, daily cases were 453, however, 184 of them were within a known cluster, the structure of Kara Tepe on Lesvos.

Within just a few days, the total cases have exceeded 18,000 and reached 18,123. Death toll increased to 388.

For one more day, the overwhelming majority of daily infections are located in Attica and Athens: 240 out of 416.

According to coronavirus progress report Sept 17-23, facto Rt is 1 in Greece and >1 in Attica.

Avergae daily death rate is 5.1.

During the weekly live briefing, hea dof Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said that there are currenly 5,379 active Covid-19 cases.

A little over 50% seem to be without “known source” of contamination.

Professor Gkikas Majorkinis said that the same briefing that the number of Covid-19 patients in need of treatment in ICUs has “increased at dangerous level.”

On Friday, the Greek government tightened even more restrictions in ten regions in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. Restriction refer mostly to banning alcohol sales after midnight and the regions incl. Attica, islands in the Cyclades and the Ionian Sea and some in Macedonia and Crete.

Scenarios over additional measures

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Monday that there are no plans for additional restrictions for people over 65 years old.

The last couple of days, there were leakages to the press that those over 65 will have to send <sms> in order to come out of their homes. The society outcry was big as many people over 65 are still active in their profession.

Now the next “scenario” speaks of special shopping times for seniors at supermarkets.

Some epidemiologist favors movement restrictions for younger generations after 08:00 p.m. This is moves in the sphere of “impossible” as this could mean no delivery boys, no waiters at restaurants and cafes and no young salespersons as stores close at 9 o’ clock in the evening.

The government has apparently no clue how  – and most probably also no real intention – to contain the spread of the coronavirus as this could cost money.

The only “measure” we hard today about Athens was that there will be more testing (rapid tests) conducting via mobile units.

Epidemiologists who live in their own bubble away form the real world have apparently no clue either.

A well-known epidemiologist proposed last week that “commuters should walk to work” in order to avoid crowding in public transport means.

Official data September 29

According to the official daily bulletin on Tuesday 2898(16%) of the total cases are related to travel abroad and 7470(41.3%) are related to already known infection case.

Almost half of the cases have unknown origin.

56.1% of the infected are men.

The number of intubated patients in ICUs increased to 79 from 73 a day earlier. Their average age is 68, among them are 19 women. 88.6% have underlying health problems or are aged over 70.

207 people have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

Five more deaths in the last 24 hours increased death toll to 388.  Of the deceased 143 were women. The average age of the deceased was 78 and 96.6% of the deceased had an underlying condition or/and was over 70 years old.

Rolling weekly average cases at 315 from 317 last week.

Total tests since begin of outbreak are 1,296,795.

Tests in the last 24 hours: 12,101 with 3.44% of them positive.

Daily growth at +2.3%.

Geographical distribution September 29

Of the 416 new coronavirus cases, 55 are related to known clusters and 59 were detected at the country’s entry points.

Majority of new cases are recorded in Attica

59 of the new cases were detected at entry points; another (?) traveler already in the country sought laboratories after they developed symptoms.

The remaining cases are:

240 in Attica

12 Thessaloniki

18 Samos

8 Ioannina

Each 7 Larissa, Trikala

Each 5 Achaia, Pieria

Each 4 Karditsa, Kozani, Pella

Each 3 Zakynthos, Imathia, Evia, Kastoria

Each 2 Viotia. Grevena, Lesvos, Fthiotida, Halkidiki

Each 1 Aitoloakarnania, Ilia, Heraklio, Corinth, Preveza, Messinia, Ilia

12 under investigation

Authorities said that they are closely monitoring three sources of cases:

  1. Imported cases (over 60 today)
  2. Refugee and migrants accommodation centers
  3. Regions across the country with increased epidemiological load

September 29: Map of infections in the last ten days, according to regional units – based on infected permanent or temporary residence – more charts here in pdf in Greek.

Accoridng to EODY, a total of 2,600 tests were carried out in Athens in the last 5 days and 61 were positive. 34 of them are foreign nationals.

266 classes in 150 school units have been suspended and another 10 schools have been shut down due to cases among students and teachers. The closure affects some 14,000 students and around 700 teachers.

On the false positive Covid-19 results on crew of cruise ship Mein Schiff 6, read here.

More information about coronavirus in Greece here.

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